Supplements That Are Important for Pregnancy

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A healthy diet is the best way to get the minerals and vitamins you need. But during pregnancy you might fall short on key nutrients, and taking the right supplements can help.


When you are pregnant, you not only have to worry about taking care of yourself, but you also have to worry about taking care of the baby that is growing inside of you. Taking a healthy diet is the best way to get the vital minerals and vitamins you need.

However, during pregnancy you might fall short on key nutrients, and that's when you stand to benefit by taking the right supplements.

You have probably heard of taking prenatal vitamins to help the baby grow and to help you remain in good shape. There are other supplements that you can take too that can further build up your nutrients and support your new baby.

Here are some of the most important and common supplements for healthy pregnancy:


1. Prenatal Vitamins


As mentioned above, the most common supplement that you can take when you are pregnant is a prenatal multivitamin, but you should make sure that the one you choose has folate.

Try to avoid one that has folic acid as this does have to go through the liver, and some individuals have a mutation that does not process folic acid.

Make sure there is a wide variety of other ingredients in the multivitamin a well ranging from zinc and iodine to Vitamin B12 and more.

If you are anemic, you could even get one that has iron built into it to ensure that you are getting the daily dose that is required.


2. Vitamins D3 and K2


Vitamin D is one of the most important supplements you can take no matter what stage of life you are in. A pregnant woman typically needs around 5,000 IU of vitamin D per day, and this does not come just from the sun or from a prenatal vitamin alone.

Make sure that the vitamin that you choose is D3 instead of D2 as this is what naturally occurs in your bloodstream. Vitamin K2 should also be found in the supplement as it helps your body to take in the vitamin as it should.


3. Probiotics


You want your gut health to be a top priority when you are pregnant, which is where probiotics come in handy. Probiotics are microorganisms that go into your gastrointestinal and vaginal tracts to promote health and boost your immune system.

They can even boost the immune system of your growing baby when you consume probiotics on a regular basis, especially if you have a vaginal delivery.

Try a multistrain probiotic as this can help prevent a variety of diseases and conditions ranging from urinary tract infections to yeast infections and gastroenteritis.


4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids


Omega-3 fatty acids that are the long-chain, or DHA, type are essential to help the development of your baby's brain. It can also help to regulate the iron levels in your bloodstream and even in your baby's bloodstream when you take this supplement.

You can get these fatty acids from fish if you eat them at least several times a week, while some grass-fed meats and eggs allow for the consumption of them as well. You can supplement what you do not eat with a fish oil capsule of some form.


5. Magnesium


Magnesium is one of the most important supplements for your body as it helps your parasympathetic nervous system to work as it should. It also ensures your hormones are being produced as they should throughout pregnancy as it works directly with the cortisol system.

Magnesium can also help in developing the skeleton of your baby and to ensure he or she has strong teeth when they are older.

Magnesium can even aid in premature contractions of the uterus, making this supplement almost one of the best that you should take when you are pregnant due to the many benefits.


Final Thoughts


When pregnant, you are supporting the health of two individuals at the same time. You need to do everything you can to ensure that health is a top priority for yourself so that you can keep your baby healthy as well.

Take the five supplements above when pregnant to ensure your baby's development is healthy and to ensure that you are always in your best shape. This will make the pregnancy go as smoothly as possible and will help to increase the chance of a safe and risk-free pregnancy.

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