Why You Should Consider Arcade Centers for Kids' Birthday Parties

Why You Should Consider Family Entertainment & Arcade Centers for Your Kid's Birthday Party

A Timezone amusement arcade, 2022. Photo: RegionalQueenslander / Wikimedia.

If your child’s birthday is coming up and you want to try something different this year besides only thinking about the traditional cake and ice cream at home, you can always choose family entertainment centers and amusement arcades for your kid’s birthday party!

Whether you enjoy the mini bowling experience for you and the kids with smaller bowling balls or you are looking for exciting arcade games for kids who are bored of their video games at home, family entertainment centers and amusement arcades have it all to ensure your family parties and outings are truly fun and memorable.


Benefits of Family Entertainment Centers for Kids' Parties


Here are some top reasons to consider family entertainment and benefits of amusement arcade centers for kids’ birthday parties, family outings:


1. You can host a large number of people


The first reason why you should consider family entertainment centers for your kid's birthday party is that you can have a bigger group of kids (as compared to other places like smaller homes). The family centers have spacious, dedicated areas that will allow you to add a lot of people and kids to the guest list.


2. There are more fun things to do


Family entertainment and amusement arcade centers have heaps of fun games and activities to suit kids of all ages, including teens and youths.

According to international chain of family entertainment and amusement arcade centers Timezone, their family-friendly venues are “packed with games as far as the eye can see” to take kids’ and teens’ birthday parties and events to the next level at “the ULTIMATE kids and teens party venue!”

Your kid(s) and their friends will not be bored at entertainment and arcade centers. They’ll have a whole line of recreational activities, from popular arcade games to bumper cars rides and laser tag shooting sports where participants use infrared-emitting light guns to tag designated targets.


3. No need to bring your food or drinks


Because there will be many kids at the party, you don’t have to bring all that food and drinks to the party. You can just buy it on-site at the family entertainment and amusement arcade centers.

There are usually in-house stores, shops, and restaurants that will serve you all the food and drinks that you need for the party.


4. You can book in advance


You will not have to worry about getting a table because reputable family entertainment and amusement arcade centers allow you to book your party in advance. This will allow you to be sure that you will get what you want and also give yourself some time to prepare for the party.


5. Easy to plan and host


When you choose these family centers, you will find it’s easy to plan your birthday parties and events. That’s because they will work with you and help you put your party altogether. And, best of all, you won’t have to deal with the worst part of parties—cleaning up!

Timezone, for example, have a team of highly friendly staff that answer questions or any issues patrons have. Moreover, you'll get your own dedicated Party Host to organize the fun, so mum and dad can sit back and relax.


6. Budget-friendly and affordable


Many family entertainment centers and arcade centers are also affordable and family-conscious. You don’t have to worry about spending too much money there.

Considering what you will be getting at family entertainment centers, this is a very affordable option that can be much cheaper than having a similar party at any other place.


7. You can also have an after-party


Another reason why family entertainment and amusement arcade centers are so popular and one of the best places to host parties and events is that you can book the venue in advance and may also have a private party after all your guests have left.

That would allow you to have a blast after the party.




Ultimately, there are lots of reasons to choose family entertainment centers and amusement arcade centers for your kid's parties and events. Kids will experience something entirely different from the usual parties and make fun memories they won’t soon forget.

You can also count on the staff at the family centers to cater to all the needs of your guests so that you can enjoy a fun, affordable, and hassle-free celebratory experience.