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Soundhariya V

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Soundhariya is a Remote Work evangelist and has a podcast titled Remote Chatter. She delights with her versatility as the custodians of brand at GoFloaters.

GoFloaters is a workspace app that helps 1000s of individuals and teams find, choose and book affordable pay-as-you-go spaces for work, meeting and events. It offers a range of flexible, plug & play hyper-local, neighborhood workspaces - shared & branded and independent coworking, meetings spaces in addition to work cafes, events, training purposes.

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Recent entries

A Guide to Finding the Right Co-Working Space

By Soundhariya V | Jul 22, 2020 | SHARE Share

Every individual has different needs while working. And co-working needs may also vary. But the right co-working space feels like it has been customized to accommodate just your needs.