How to Reboot Your Life & Build Confidence Even in Tough Times

One truism in life is that bad things can happen to anyone-even good people. But you can reboot your life, build confidence, and rise again even in tough times.


Life happens to everyone, and terrible things can happen to anyone—good people. If you’re finding yourself down in the dumps, feeling lonely, misunderstood, and or unproductive, understand that life never promised you a rose garden.

That said, all is not lost—there is hope. If Stella Got Her Groove Back in the romantic comedy movie taken from the novel with the same title by author Terry McMillan, then so can you. The time to reclaim your mojo and rise from a state of perpetual feelings of lack is now.

When you decide to reboot your life, build confidence, and believe in yourself, you will regain your power, self-esteem and amazing things will happen. But, if your worldview remains in the deficit and set on pause, you will merely survive and not thrive.


Reclaim your mojo


You can repair your broken confidence and productivity by being mindful of what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling that way.

Ask yourself some tough questions, such as what brought you to a standstill? What caused you to lose your focus, drive and direction? Why are you feeling uninspired?

Once you identify the causes, you can seek solutions. If you feel your problem is too big for you to handle alone, don't be afraid to seek the professional help you need to get you back to your best and happiest self. You deserve to be happy and not depressed.

For some of us creative types, it’s the continuing war against procrastination that is so detrimental to our lives. Procrastination can result in missed opportunities and connections that are important, which can in turn keep us in angst and worry.

It could also be something as minor as losing those 10 unwanted pounds that’s denting our confidence, or we’re stressing over a relationship that has become toxic. Other times, it could be those seasonal bouts of depression under the current climate of divisiveness in the world that makes us want to disconnect and withdraw from the outside world.

Unfortunately, total disconnection can cause us undue dis-ease in our lives and relationships. Because we are human, we come down with these types of maladies every now and again, where we begin to second guess our abilities, trading in our proven strengths for mind altering preconceived weaknesses.

But, if you think you’re not strong enough; not good enough, or feel like you don’t have what it takes to be happy and successful, stop it. Your mama didn’t raise a crybaby. You have what it takes to be happy and successful!


Rise above it all


Confer with friends, family or colleagues who weathered the storm you are going through. Brainstorm with them new strategies for overcoming the concerns and challenges you are facing in your life and business, and implement them.

If you falter or fail in your first attempt, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. Start small increments in your personal and professional routines.

Get centered on your intent and do the work. It doesn’t have to start off great. Deciding and doing can lead to wonderful accomplishments.

Highly successful people have also fallen and come short at different points in their lives. But, they never allowed failure to keep them down. Persistence pays, and opportunity will always knock; you just have to be ready for it.

Seize your opportunities, make the most of them, and you will shine.


Seize your power - Tips to Reboot Your Life



To seize opportunities, reclaim your inner power and confidence, and re-boot your life in tough times, be sure to:


1. Do honest self-analysis


Do a self-analysis on who you are, why you are and whose you. You weren’t created to live a life of insecurity and lack.

You have a purpose for being on this planet and it’s up to you to find that something that gives your life meaning and purpose. That will be your North Star.


2. Practice self-affirmation


Affirm yourself. You have a beautiful smile. People like your honesty, and you are a trusted friend and confidant.

You are compassionate, loving and sincere. You show empathy to others.

Say it to yourself constantly and believe it. You are all this and more. You can achieve all you set your mind on.


3. Discard regrets


Don’t live your life with regrets. Whatever happened—happened. We all have lived through some things we regret.

Don’t make regret a lifelong companion. Ditch it now. Ask for forgiveness for yourself and from anyone you’ve wronged.

Pray and learn from your mistakes. If you must apologize, do it and let it go. Life is too short to cling to old hurts, pains, and regrets.   


4. Open yourself up to learning


Accept to learn life, work and career lessons every day. Learn from family, friends, colleagues, elders or from anyone else who can mentor you on your path to regaining your love for self and on your search for meaning.

Those who continuously learn, continuously improve and grow.


5. Explore new things


Be willing to try new things. Go out there and explore. View any challenges in your life as opportunities for learnnig, personal growth and development.

You will broaden your mind, gain experience, and be well-placed to face anything that comes your way with a positive and confident attitude.

As you take bold steps to re-boot your life and become the best version of yourself, new doors of opportunity will continue to open far and wide for you. Continue to have trust in yourself, knowing that you are precious and powerful. You can turn things around.

Clara Freeman is a nurse-turned freelance writer, author and lifestyle strategist. She is an advocate for women, children & elderly. Her book Unleash Your Pearls Empowering Women's Voices is available on Amazon. Visit her blog and follow her on Twitter @C50something.