Manage Footfall in Business with Automated Queue Management System

Since the inception of queue management systems (QMS) that are used to control queues of people in various situations and locations, there has been a smooth strategy in force for controlling customer interactions with a physical business.

With these systems, customer interaction can be face to face or through the information displayed over digital screens. Typically, queue management software is an intuitive system that manages the queues of people in different situations to reduce wait times.

QMS employ a structure of different technologies operating in a rational mechanism. It is common in big retail stores, the waiting room of a dentist’s office or at the bank, but is reliable for any business. It will call a particular customer with its assigned token number.

If you have a street-side store or use the internet to drive traffic to your offline business or events, you should know the benefits of implementing an automated queue management system in your business, whether it is a large established business, a small business or a startup.


Benefits of Queue Management System


Let's highlight the benefits of an automated queue management system for businesses of all sizes and how it improves queues and eliminates chaos amongst customers.


1. Self Sign-In


The self-evident feature of automated queue management is electronic sign-in. The device fusing intuitive sign-in feature has a digital screen with information displayed on it. It can be an iPad or a monitor present at the entrance of a store.

Customers visiting a business need to tap on the screen to sign-in and add their credentials to the automated queue management system. There is no need to wait for your turn impatiently by standing in a queue, waiting for an unknown period.

Meanwhile, customers are free to roam around, which brings welcome peace of mind.


2. Truncates Waiting Time


As we all know, waiting in line is a real test of our patience. Long queues lead to frustration. As the stats show, 20% of customers are not happy with standing in long queues.

Angry behavior may lead to a customer avoiding that store in the future. This is where electronic sign-in is a great solution. It minimizes the standing-in-line and as a result customers are more patient to wait for their turn.

By eliminating long ques and frustrations in your premises, QMS also keep the dignity of the business intact. That in turn results in more satisfied customers and a more enhanced work environment that increases employees’ efficiency.


3. Increases Last Minute Purchases


Because electronic sign-in frees customers to take a detour across the store rather than being bound to the queue decorum, it creates an opportunity for a last-minute purchase.

In that way, electronic sign-in not only improves queues by truncating real waiting time and valuing the time of customers, but also boosting a business’ sales.

QMS is essentially a modern technique that is much better than traditional queue practices.


4. Equality in Service


The waiting line creates a sense of inequality. Questions like why the other person was preferred over me when I was here before that person often arise.

At many times, the reasons are unknown to the customer, and without knowing the real reason why one customer was served and not the other, they may feel discriminated on.

But the automated queue management system gives unbiased attention to every patron and maintains a peaceful state at the business. Thus, the modernized queue system fosters a positive experience and a conducive environment for stellar customer service. 


5. Timely Notifications


The queue management system notification gives ample time for the business and its employees to prepare for a task in advance.

For instance, if there is a surge in the customer traffic around 8:00 PM, then a notification alert will be sent to and acknowledged by the business employees and managers. This helps in mental fortification and provides a heads up to tactfully counter the surge of people.

How does this work?

Every time there is an electronic sign-in, a notification is sent to the management, giving a heads up about a new customer. Too many sign-ins point to a surge in patrons and vice versa.

QMS also curates weekly stats to acknowledge business performance. Through this feature, a business knows their weak and strong zones in customer service. For instance, if there was an abnormal wait time, then it is time to make improvements.

Real-time notifications prevent any unexpected circumstance and last time panic. Thus, efficiently answering the dynamic demands of queues.


6. SMS and Text Message Alerts


In the smartphone era, every business aspires to have a mobile application to reach their customers more conveniently. Mobile apps can give a business an edge over competitors.

However, there are so many apps these days and people with many apps downloaded on their smartphones can have internal storage problems. This is where SMS plays a pivotal role.

QMS can send text messages to customers with details like waiting time, token number and appointment dates. These text messages enhance customer service because they’re delivered promptly and received by customers on their phones without the need to download more apps.

All this makes everything streamlined and gives relief to businesses and customers not keen on developing and downloading mobile business apps respectively.


7. Cloud-Based Software Service


QMS syncronizes with Cloud technology to store customer information, analytics, employee performance records, and the software itself is securely stored on the server.

This system eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork. Cloud-based QMS is economical, easy to use, and secure.

You even have an option for a monthly and annual subscription Cloud-based QMS services.


Bottom line


QMS can be utilized by any business (large or small) that encounters a large footfall. Many organizations trust the system and it is already found at airports, hospitals, banks, government offices, service stations, malls, and so on. It can be installed in your business, too.

QMS in businesses leads to considerable improvements in work efficiency and happy customers. When everyone’s life is made more convenient and effortless, a business can focus on what truly matters—customer service and increasing sales and conversions.

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