House to Rent? Top Tips, Do’s, & Don’ts to Find the Best Rental

Looking for a house to rent can be difficult, but there’re some tips and tricks you can use in your search to find the perfect rental.

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Looking for a house to rent can be challenging, because of the wide range of options, considerations, and prices of houses for rent.

Depending on the area, your preferences, and the rental market, the best tactics to employ to find the perfect rental house will vary.

Although the market and rental options may vary, there are some fundamental tips and tricks you can use in your search to ensure you find the best house to rent before you sign the lease contract.


Fundamental Tips to Find the Best House to Rent


Here are the top tips you should follow and keep in mind to find the best house to rent:


1. Research - Do Your Research Properly


You need to have some idea about the place that you are planning to rent.

Create a list of questionnaires that you need to go through during your visit in the place, like does the area get flooded during heavy rains? Is the place safe for my family or for yourself? Who are your neighbors? What are the experiences of the previous tenant of the place? How well do you know the landlord?

These types of questions will help you decide which place is the best option.


2. Stay Within Budget


One of the main things to remember is to stay well within your budget. As rental properties are subject to market fluctuation, and the rent can increase or decrease, it is a good idea to set a budget and stay in that budget.

As human beings, it is in our nature to want things that are beautiful and lavish. However, it is, at times, not possible to attain them when our budget restricts us. It can be tempting to have a luxurious house with a gym and jacuzzi but you need to always consider your budget. This can be avoided by completely avoiding to view properties that you know are not within your range.

Although no one would mind having an extra room or a big swimming pool in the backyard, it is important to stay in the budget so that you will not be struggling to make rent in a few months.


3. Make Sure to Visit the Property


Another important point to remember, although it might sound much more convenient to view pictures online in a listing and talk to the landlord over the phone and pay the advance and then see the property the day you need to move in, this is never a good idea.

A lot of times, pictures can be highly deceiving, and at times the full state of the apartment or house will not be visible through a picture. If you own any type of vehicle you also need to make sure that there is an available parking space within the area.

When you also visit the place, you need to check if there are any broken plumbing, electrical or the things that need to be fixed before you move in, and you also need to inform the landlord about this immediately.

If the area is already fully-furnished check all appliances to ensure they are working properly and all furniture are in good condition. Talk everything openly with the landlord and make sure that there are no confusions between both parties.

Remember, always pay a visit to the house before finalizing the deal and making payments.


4. Work with a Broker where Possible


A rental broker will have knowledge about the area and building you want to rent in. They can help you and guide you in finding the best apartment for the lowest price.

It is important to be transparent about your needs and requirements so that the broker can guide you and help you accordingly. It is also important to work with a real estate broker who specializes in rental properties and not in sales of properties.

You also need to look for different properties before making your final decisions. You can compare these properties so that you can rent the best house for your family. So, be sure to do a number of property tours to see which rental is the best value for your money.


5. Check Out the Neighborhood, Too


It’s always advisable to check the neighborhood of the rental property, especially if you have kids. Consider important factors of the neighborhood such as crime rates, if it is near a hospital, police station, or supermarket. You should create a checklist on what you are looking for in a house beforehand, and if it does not suit your needs just look for another property to rent.

If you’ll have a roommate or you’ll be sharing the house with strangers, talk to them ahead and set some expectations to avoid conflicts. Ask them questions that might affect your own life. You can also ask them to ask you questions related to their expectations, since you’re going to be leaving with them for a while. If you sense some red flags, don’t settle just because it has a low rate or the location is good. Instead, look for another comfortable and safe place to rent.


6. Read the Lease Fine Print Carefully


One of the most crucial steps before signing any lease papers is to go through them and read them thoroughly to make sure you are well aware of the terms and conditions set by your landlord. Read it carefully to avoid future misunderstandings.

Specifically, check if there are any hidden charges and if you are going to do advanced payment. You need to know how these will be accounted for or if it is refundable if you decide to end the contract. Also ask what will be the mode of payment every month. Make sure that you and the landlord agreed on this matter.

It is also important to communicate with your landlord and clear all the do’s and don’ts of their property. Some landlords do not allow you to make holes in the walls, for example, while many others discourage painting the walls. However, if you develop a good relationship with your landlord, you can ask them to be a bit more flexible.

But always pay attention to the rules stated in the lease contract as word of mouth has little to no value if the landlord will have a signed agreement stating otherwise.

There you have it! Use these simple tips to ensure you have a successful renting experience.

Kayla Wilson is a tech enthusiast and business blogger.