5 Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas for Writers


As of 2024, there were at least 143,200 people employed as writers, authors, and editors in the US alone. Many of these writers, authors, and editors work part-time, while others write as a hobby.

If you're lucky enough to know one of these creatives, you may wonder what sort of gift you could get them to celebrate their birthday or to mark a special occasion and celebration in their life.

Authors and writers of all kinds are used to getting notebooks and pens as birthday gifts. A practical gift will always stand out from all other gifts they receive, but you can spice things up a bit for the writer in your life.

In this article, we highlight some awesome, creative birthday gift ideas for writers for your inspiration. No need for the same old cliché gift of a coffee mug, journal, or personalized pen.


Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Writers




Here're awesome gift ideas and best birthday gifts to give the writer in your life:


1. Books About Writing


Books on how to write well and market yourself make the best gifts for aspiring writers, especially books for entrepreneurial writers.

For example, "On Writing — A Memoir of the Craft" by Stephen King is a big hit with writers. In this book, King shares some of the secrets to his success as a bestselling author.

"You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)" by Jeff Goins is another good for writers. Goins gives practical advice on how to improve your writing.

Good writers are also avid readers. The more time a writer spends reading, the more improvements they'll see in their own writing.


2. Gift Cards


Out of all gift ideas for writers, gift cards offer the most flexibility.

Writers always appreciate receiving gift cards, especially if they're strapped for cash. A simple Amazon card can help writers purchase books and other necessary materials.

For writers, getting a Barnes & Noble gift card feels like winning the literary jackpot. It gives writers the freedom to choose the books they want.


3. Writer Jewelry


Items of writer jewelry can also be wonderful gifts for writers. This kind of jewelry can help to affirm a commitment to achieving goals.

For example, any jewelry with a typewriter is a fun way for them to project their writing passion to the world. A silver bracelet or necklace that says "writer" on it can also do the trick, helping open up conversations for these often introverted creatives.


4. Writer games


Writer games can challenge, inspire, and entertain writers, adding a little bit of flavor and joy into their lives. A wide range of writer games are available, ranging from Word games like Scramble to typing games and adventure games.

Storymatic, for example, can make for a great gift for authors. It's a storytelling game originally created by writer Brian David Mooney for a fiction workshop at Marlboro College in Vermont. This game involves using cards to tell a story. The card categories include story elements like "Obstacle", "Whatchoowant", and more.

Storymatic is ideal for collaborative writing groups and dealing with writer's block.


5. Drink of their Choice


Writers often use their drink of choice (coffee is a popular choice for many) to get more writing done, or to relax after a long day working.

For example, many people consider Death Wish Coffee - one of the world's most caffeinated coffee - one of the best drinks ever. Drinking it is like drinking a magic potion that increases productivity.

However, for those writers who don't like too much caffeine, you can opt for green tea as a gift. Green tea is also a great option as it energizes and relaxes you all at once.

Herbal tea is another good caffeine-free alternative for writers who love their drinks while working.




Remember, you can never go wrong with a practical gift, so be creative and thoughtful to pick the best gift. The best gifts will inspire your writer to improve their writing projects and enjoy life a little more, while also feeling recognized and appreciated.

The more thoughtful, practical, and creative you are, the better you'll get at gifting loved ones the perfect gift for special occasions.

George Mathews is a journalist and staff writer for WebWriterSpotlight.com. He is passionate about personal growth and development.