Why Kids Animal Print Clothes Should Be a Wardrobe Staple

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Incorporating animal print clothes for kids helps your child stand out from the pack – and for good reasons too.


Black. Black, black and more black. Traditional kids clothes staples can, quite frankly, be downright dull. It’s all about neutrals and basic prints and block colours.

On the other hand, kids animal print clothes promise to breathe a fresh gust of jungle air into your nursery and wardrobes. They’re on-trend, funky, versatile and they make a statement.

Children's animal print clothes help your child stand out from the pack – and for many good reasons, too!


It's a Question of Style


Rather than a neutral base, kids animal print clothes can provide the stemming point to create weird, wonderful, and wacky outfits.

You can easily team a black or colored top with animal print leggings or shorts to create a cool, fresh look that other children’s clothes will not come close.

Straight up? It’s cool! Versatile fashion that runs miles ahead of boring old gender-based tops and bottoms.



Foster Learning Through Fashion


You can encourage your own child’s love of the natural kingdom by incorporating childrens animal print clothes into their regular rotation.

Safari style, leopard print or other patterns can reflect your child’s interest in nature and animals. Team these with a good old documentary about the savannah and consider it a lesson in natural history!

Kids fashion does not have to be boring. Incorporating what your children are interested in into their everyday clothing (without having to rely on garish branded clothes) can help tie learning into a love of everything stylish.


Suitable for All Occasions


The playground, the school pick up, playgroup, out to dinner, playdates with friends. There is rarely an occasion when funky kids animal print clothes will not suffice. These statement pieces can bring together an outfit and look oh-so-cute while doing so.

Made from durable material, childrens animal print clothes can stand up against the hardiest playing, and they wash easily, meaning you will be able to use these pieces again and again.

These stylish items are the best way to brighten up anyone’s day, from your child themselves to the old ladies at the shopping centre.

They are happy, fun, bright and playful – reflecting the inner nature of your child and making a welcome relief from the endless drab neutral colours that pepper so many wardrobes.


Making Clothes Fun


Have you got a child who struggles with getting dressed? Do they hate everything you offer them? Throwing some kids animal prints into the mix will give them greater agency and choice over what they are wearing.

Visually interesting and appealing, you will find little hands inching towards wearing adorable animal rompers or fun animal style tees and dresses. You will hopefully steer them away from the ‘want want want’ of marketed clothing found in many department stores.


Shopping with a small business guarantees a point of difference that will mean your fashion choices for your child are unique and one of a kind amongst a sea of sameness.


Building Confidence


Many older children, once out of toddlerhood, struggle with clothing as they can sometimes be shy or introverted when choosing what to wear.

Funky animal print items help provide children with a sense of identity and start to bring them out of their shell (or cave!) and make more active choices about getting dressed.

Moreover, with funky and stytlish animal print, you can give a important energy to their character. Building up confidence and charcter is very important especially in kids and with animal print, This can be easily achievable. 


You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar!


More than just a great conversation starter, these are clothes that are built to last and injected with a WOW factor.

Think big! Who’s going to be the new king or queen of the jungle in your house?

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