6 Ways to Boost Your Gym Performance

Making the best of the hours you spend at the gym working out completely depends on you.


Working out can be quite a difficult task to manage in between your busy schedules on a weekday. Squeezing in three to four hours a week can be a great deal. But making the best of the hours you spend at the gym completely depends on you.

Those hours could be more than enough to keep you in the best shape if you learn the right tricks to optimize your routine and boost performance.

Here are six simple ways to boost performance in your gym and stay fit. 


1. Always Start with a Proper Warm-up Routine


Trying to finish off your gym workouts as soon as possible will do more harm than good to your body. Walking straight into weights or equipment will wear you out too soon and could also cause injuries.

Beginning your routine with proper warm-up and stretching exercises helps you to engage better in your workout. It is tempting to add the few minutes to your workouts instead of spending it stretching. But it is essential to prepare your body to go through intense training with proper warm-up exercises to avoid cramps, pain, or injuries.


Simple cardio activities such as jogging, walking, or stretches at home before you reach your gym to workout can be very useful. It prepares your body and mind and boosts performance. Including powerful aids such as anadrol and starting with proper warm-up exercises increases stamina, endurance, flexibility and improves the efficiency of your workouts.

Warmups are critical, especially before strength training or weightlifting, to loosen various joints and get them in the zone to go through intense training for the next few minutes. 


2. Reduce Rest Duration between Workouts


Keeping minimum rest intervals between your workouts helps you to stay in the momentum and give better performance as opposed to taking long breaks between workouts. It keeps your heart rate pumped and improves the intensity of your workout to offer enhanced performance overall.

Intervals between your workouts are necessary to relax your muscles and joints from feeling worn out or tired. It reduces the risk of injury and keeps your energy at optimum levels to perform your next set with complete determination.

But these intervals should not last too long to relax your body completely as it takes longer to bring back the momentum. Reducing rest times between your cardiovascular routine will enhance the efficiency of your body to pass oxygen to your muscles and work even through exhaustion.

The rest time varies for every individual, although as a rule of the thumb rest enough to give your best performance in the next sets and not a moment longer.


3. Get the Right Dose of Pre-Workout Supplements


Cherishing a delicious dose of pre-workout supplements can be the best way to enhance performance in your gym. Pre-workout supplement formulation boosts energy and improves your stamina to perform intense workouts for longer durations.

The blend also improves endurance and enhances mental focus to prepare you for the workout. They also provide the necessary levels of hydration and the right dosage of nutrients such as beta-alanine- L-arginine, BCAAs, creatine to enhance gym performance.

A combination of these ingredients enhances the response of the muscle groups and improve strength and endurance. It helps you to cope with fatigue and stimulates the production of chemicals that keep you energized and engaged throughout your workout.

Make sure to consume the supplement at least half an hour before you begin your warm-up and start your workout routine. Most products help to sustain energy at least for 60 – 90 minutes post-consumption and can get you through an effective training session. 



4. Do Not Fall Prey to Patterns


Following a workout routine to focus on your entire body is critical for seeing visible results from your time in the gym. But having a monotonous routine can be of no help to your body. With time, your body adapts to the program, and the muscle groups and joints are ready to go through the same level of training without much effort.

It is impossible to improve your performance with such patterns as your body has not begun to adapt to the levels of stress and can handle it very well each time you repeat the routine. Altering your pattern and mixing exercises in your routine keeps the spark alive.

You can include new strength training, increase the number of sets, reps, enhance training frequency, include other physical activities in your routine such as dance, swimming, elevate the tempo to exert your body.

Your workouts should continuously challenge your body to exhibit enhanced performance, and that is only possible when you extend your limits beyond your comfort zone.


5. Hydrate Regularly and Eat Properly


One of the most common reasons for individuals failing to workout to their best limits is lack of hydration. Dehydration draws the energy from your body and causes cramps and pain. If your body does not have a sufficient level of water, you are prone to feel exhausted very soon and lethargic to complete your routine.

Ensure you carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated throughout your workout. If your body tends to sweat a lot, include supplements that restore ions quickly to keep up your momentum. Hydration is necessary both while working out as well as post-workout for proper recovery.

Next, pay attention to your food habit. Going to the gym does not mean you can munch away take-outs and junk foods whenever you like. Not following a healthy diet pattern kills your performance during your workout, as well as hinders the results.

Make it a point to include all the necessary nutrients that help in building your muscles and aid in recovery. Consume protein-rich meals post-workout and switch to healthy eating habits that are consistent with your workouts for the best results.



6. Add Weights to your Exercises


Adding weights to your regular exercises increases the challenge and engages several muscle groups. It is particularly helpful if you wish to bulk up. Weights are also useful for strength training as they encourage weight loss while improving muscle gain in the process.

Moreover, weights improve bone density that reduces the chance of fractures and chronic problems such as osteoporosis. Weights also decrease excess muscle loss that happens with age and keeps you in great shape.

Cardio exercises become more efficient with the use of weights as it improves your metabolism and keeps your cholesterol under control. Motivation is key to improving your performance at the gym. Try to workout to some motivating playlist that helps you to retain energy for longer durations.

You can also find a gym partner and workout together to challenge each other and extend your limits. These simple tips will boost your performance and help you stay fit and healthy.

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