Why You Should Write More E-Books Now

Why You Should Write More E-Books Now

If you've ever thought of writing a book, now is a good time. Instead of focusing on traditional print books, however, you should dive into the e-book market. There are several reasons why you should write and publish e-books. Here are 11 of them:


1. You have more control

By self-publishing your own e-books, you maintain control over your product, your image, and your brand.


2. You keep more of the pie

Author Earnings published a report on how much authors make on book sales. The interesting thing is that while 70% of the revenues from book sales are with print books, authors receive very little of that. With print books, authors get more of it.


3. You can publish faster

The publishing process for legacy print publishing is two years, minimum. If you publish your own e-books, you can go to market in one to six months. You can publish while the information is still relevant.


4. You can publish more often

Writers who focus on publishing e-books publish more books. That's because they spend their time writing instead of flying over the world promoting one title.


5. You can sell on your own website

When you sell your books in book stores, the book store gets a piece of the pie, the publisher gets a piece, and your agent gets a piece. When you self-publish your book and sell it on your website, you don't have to share any of the revenues. You can still sell your e-books in online book stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple.


6. You can target a narrow audience

Many print book publishers will not sell a book with a narrow audience. They are looking for the profit potential. But you can narrow your audience down as far as you want and publish a book that meets the needs of that audience. You can do it quickly and profitably.


7. You can position yourself as the authority

If you are expert in something—even an obscure niche—a well-written e-book can position you as the go-to authority in that subject. All it takes is writing about something no one else is writing about and covering the subject in detail.


8. You can build another revenue stream

E-books are another source of revenue that can supplement your main line of work. Some authors do so well at it that e-books become a primary source of income supported by speaking engagements and consulting work.


9. You can generate more leads

By writing short e-books and selling them at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple, you can generate new leads for your business. Add a link to your mailing list at the back of your book for the best results.


10. The e-book market is still growing

Publishers Weekly announced in 2013 that e-book sales were slowing down. The good news is, the e-book market is still growing. More people are reading e-books on more devices. Younger people don't mind reading on their smartphones. With all the book stores offering free reading apps for every device on the market, e-books will still be read for many years to come. It's a growing market.


11. The more you write the more you earn

Authors who are doing well selling e-books have multiple titles. They have learned to write fast, publish a good book, and move on to the next title. More books mean more ways for potential readers, and customers, to find you.

There are lots of reasons why you should be writing and publishing e-books right now. It's easy to learn how to do it. All you have to do is start.

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