Vinyl Revolution: Why It’s High Time You Bought a Modern Turntable

Music has never been easier or freer to get than it is now. And vinyl turntables are making a comeback, featuring impressive modern features and capabilities.

Modern Turntable - Image for Vinyl Revolution - Why It’s High Time You Bought a Modern Turntable

Turntables have been making a comeback in recent years thanks to their increased efficiency, modern features, and increasingly affordable prices.

More music lovers and music creators are now excited to buy high-quality vinyl turntables at affordable prices and enjoy recording and playing their favorite music collections on the classic vinyl record players.

Modern vinyl turntables are more durable and higher quality than the ones that our parents had. And, with music being easier or freer to get than it has ever been in history, there are more reasons to support the development of better quality, modern turntables.

It's not only the need to honor our past and revive cherished memories with friends that makes vinyl turntables appealing, but modern turntables also come with many new features and capabilities that can deliver superior sound quality than before. 

Even though microchips and other digital means of saving music files are abundant and widespread, there is a decent rise in the number of people turning back to vinyl turntables. A vinyl revolution is transforming into the modern canvas for music artists.


Vinyl Is the Modern Music Canvas



Artists are slowly returning to vinyl because they want to create and re-create the classic retro music vibe and vintage appeal of the past.

However, the supreme sound quality of modern vinyl turntables is perhaps the biggest reason why vinyl is becoming one of the most impressive canvas for music creators.

Even sol, vinyl is still one of the most underestimated and misunderstood products in the market. While vinyl records may be made from crude oil that’s notorious for polluting the environment, this may not (and usually doesn’t happen) with modern vinyl records.

Firstly, vinyl is more flexible and recyclable than most other material used to digitally store or play music. Moreover, today, manufacturers can have vinyl parts made from recycled plastic and still provide the same efficiency as the original products.

Besides that, vinyl lovers will hardly ever throw away their vinyl music records. They keep them safe in their music collections, expecting them to gain value and be sold latter.

A vinyl turntables present a thrilling musical experience for both the artist and listeners. Sound registered on vinyl needs the turntables' magic needles to reproduced. Many artists consider vinyl a raw canvas to record and place their music for people to enjoy.

You can easily record your music on clear vinyl without any issues and reproduce the music easier than ever before. Vinyl is now a very reliable option to record music, offering crisp sound that many listeners may not have experienced or listened to before.



How Modern Turntables Differ from Old Ones


Firstly, new turntables are more digitalized than the older ones. You can control them wirelessly and have the same efficiency as a regular CD or DVD player. People who love their remote controls will love the new models of turntables. They all have some remote options to allow you to listen to the music even when you are in a different room.

The new turntables are also more durable and resilient than the ones sold several decades ago. Manufacturers have managed to produce turntables with more tough metals and durable parts. Today, it's easier to have aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, or nickel parts on turntables. This makes your turntable more capable of withstanding extreme conditions, while still giving you supreme sound quality and great value for money.

Moreover, the needle technology has advanced greatly to give users a higher quality sound and durability than ever before. Remember the turntable experience needs a constant touch between the needle and the engraved vinyl surface. Since the materials of new needles are more durable and have a higher tendency to transfer sound to the music player, you will always enjoy a better quality sound than with the older turntables.

Best of all, modern turntables not only come with more advanced features and capabilities, but they are also relatively more affordable than ever before.



Turntables Cost a Lot Less than Before


Modern turntables cost a lot less. Today, you can buy a new turntable at a fraction of the price they were sold decades ago. That’s because the materials and technology used to make them are less expensive, advanced, and the number of turntable manufactures has increased tremendously leading to price competition that’s good for buyers.

Additionally, the advent of the internet has removed some of the costs. You can buy cheap turntables overseas from China or elsewhere that cost a lot less than the ones in American or European markets where labor cost is high and still enjoy good quality sound. In fact, you can find turntables at any price you want to suit all budgets.

Modern turntable tech, including Bluetooth wireless speaker systems, A/V receivers, streaming options, and ability to digitize records and store them in hi-resolution, PC-friendly formats that compare with Super Audio CDs means that manufacturers like Sony and Technics are committed to bringing the retro device into today's market.

With all the movement in this sector, it’s high time to produce and buy music on vinyl. The more options we all have to consume music content the better, right?