Say Goodbye to Bad Breath With Braces: 8 Tips for Fresh Breath!

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By following some simple yet effective tips, you can avoid bad breath when wearing braces and keep your breath fresh throughout your orthodontic treatment.


Braces are effective for straightening teeth or fixing your underbite teeth and giving you a lovely smile. But they can occasionally cause foul breath. It's an awkward position that many braces patients face. 

Are you also wearing braces and struggling with foul breath? If so, you might wonder how to cure bad breath with braces. Don't worry. This blog article reveals some of the most effective strategies to prevent bad breath with braces. 

So, if you're ready to say goodbye to the foul smell and hello to fresh breath, let's get started!


What Causes Bad Breath During Braces Treatment?


When you wear braces, food particles become more easily stuck between your teeth and braces. These trapped food particles serve as a breeding ground for germs in your mouth, leading to unpleasant odors. 

Furthermore, the brackets and wires of your braces might collect plaque and germs, adding to foul breath.

You can battle these causes of bad breath and smell fresh during your braces treatment by making a few easy changes to your dental hygiene regimen. 

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How to Prevent Bad Breath with Braces – 8 Effective Tips




By following these eight simple yet effective tips, you can keep your breath fresh and braces shining throughout your orthodontic treatment!


1. Brush and Floss on a Regular Basis


The significance of regular brushing and flossing cannot be overstated. Brush your teeth after each meal and before night using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Be diligent, paying special care to clean around the brackets and wires of your braces.

You can apply an interdental brush for better results with braces. Also, don't forget to use floss threaders made particularly for braces.


2. Make Use of Antimicrobial Mouthwash


In addition to brushing and flossing, use an antibacterial mouthwash as part of your dental hygiene regimen. After brushing and flossing, rinse your mouth with it to help destroy bacteria and freshen up your breath.

However, don’t buy any regular mouthwash from the market. Look for an alcohol-free mouthwash designed exclusively to combat the causes of bad breath while wearing braces.


3. Drink Enough Water


Staying hydrated throughout the day is undoubtedly vital for your general health. However, drinking a lot of water also aids in the prevention of bad breath. Water helps in the removal of food particles and germs from the mouth.

When your mouth is clean, the chances of it creating foul breath diminish dramatically. So, keep a water bottle close by (avoid ice cold water) and remain hydrated! 


4. Apply Orthodontic Wax


Another way to prevent bad breath with braces is to apply orthodontic wax. It contributes to creating a smooth surface. It's an orthodontic tool that keeps the brackets and wires from creating irritation by rubbing against the inside of your mouth.

You may reduce your chances of acquiring foul breath due to wounds or sores in your mouth by minimizing inflammation. A comfortable braces experience also makes it easier to maintain regular oral hygiene.


5. Devour Less Sugary Foods


Bacteria love sugar! When you eat sugary foods, the bacteria inside your mouth make acid. This can lead to tooth damage and foul breath. Try to restrict your intake of sugary meals and beverages while wearing braces.

Choose healthier options like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Such foods and plant-based diets can help avoid bad breath with braces and improves oral health.


6. Avoid Strong-smelling Meals


You must’ve smelled garlic or onion fragrance coming out of someone’s mouth at least once! That is not a pleasant smell, for sure. Garlic, onions, and spicy foods can leave a lasting odor in your mouth.

While it may be difficult to avoid certain meals, aim to limit your consumption of such foods. If you do indulge, make sure to brush and rinse afterward properly.


7. Have Breath Mints


Another effective but temporary method to cure bad breath with braces is to have mints.

The breath mints can relieve bad breath and deliver a burst of freshness for a few hours at least. Keep sugar-free breath mints available, and take one anytime you need it. 

Remember that breath mints are not a replacement for basic oral hygiene practices. But they may be a helpful supplement.


8. Go to the Dentist Periodically


Regular dental check-ups are essential, especially while wearing braces. Your dentist needs to see you occasionally to check your treatment progress and monitor your oral health.

Your dentist can also advise you on how to keep your breath fresh while wearing braces. Don't forget about those dental appointments!


In Conclusion


Maintaining good dental hygiene is critical to avoid bad breath with braces. By following the practical tips listed above, you can keep your breath fresh and avoid awkward occasions. 

The best methods to say goodbye to bad breath with braces include maintaining a consistent oral care regimen, avoiding specific meals, and utilizing additional tools such as orthodontic wax and mouth rinses.

Remember that wearing braces does not obligate you to have foul breath. You may confidently smile and talk without worrying about bad breath if you pay more attention to your dental health. 

Maintain your dental hygiene practice and enjoy your braces experience with fresh breath!

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