Should You Opt for Intermittent Fasting in a Carnivore Diet?

When you are on a carnivore diet, you only rely on meat and other animal-sourced food items like seafood and eggs for sustenance. This protein-rich diet is heavier than a regular diet, and meat takes longer to digest.

While some people are concerned about the excess pressure that a carnivore diet might put on the digestive system, intermittent fasting is often the answer for that.

By eating systematically and periodically, you will give your body the right amount of protein and minerals without overburdening the system with occasional stretches of fasting. Sites like Carnivore Insider can give you more information about this diet. 


What Is Intermittent Fasting?


Intermittent fasting is the habit of going without food for a period. It is done for three main reasons:


i). Autophagy


This is the process of cleaning the system from time to time. The cells get some rest from continually having to digest and assimilate nutrients from the bloodstream.

It gives them the time to naturally remove unnecessary and dysfunctional elements from the system, thus allowing the cells to regenerate and grow without continually having to work themselves out. 

With a carnivore diet, your meals are more filling. So, you can afford to take long gaps between meals without feeling hungry. It gives the cells some time to rest and rejuvenate, ensuring the cells heal and detoxify. 


ii). Calorie Control


When you are on a carnivore diet, you are in far more control of the calorie intake. With no starch and carbohydrates in the diet, your calorie intake goes down remarkably. It results in rapid fat loss as the body now uses up the body's stored fat deposits to create energy. You will feel leaner, lighter and healthier in a few weeks.

Moreover, with a carnivore diet, your body is denied sugar and starchy food items, creating even more cravings and binge-eating habits. The all-meat diet is more filling and reduces cravings, resulting in far less calorie intake. 


iii). Regulate Sugar Levels 


With a carnivore diet, you have to eliminate starch, sugar, and carbohydrates from your food list, which is a great plus for those with diabetes.

The body's insulin levels go down, and blood sugar levels are better regulated.

After a point, the body does not crave sugar, which is one of the major deterrents for the treatment of diabetes. 


How a Carnivore Diet and Intermittent Fasting Go Hand in Hand


With a carnivore diet, you experience substantial fat loss and gain strength from all that protein building up your muscle mass. It makes you leaner and fitter, making you a more confident person. 

You can go through the most rigorous activities without tiring out and with greater focus. With intermittent fasting, you can enjoy the full benefits of a carnivore diet without feeling hunger for stretches at a time and without taxing your digestive system.

You won't feel hungry all day, and when you do, you do not have to worry about what to eat—your entire attitude to food changes. You end up saving time and money.

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