8 Health Goals to Include in Your New Year Resolutions

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Health goals and resolutions should cover every aspect of your health inside and out, help to change the things you desire, and make you a better version of yourself.


These days, making a new year’s resolution does not seem to be a thing anymore. That’s because most people don’t actually achieve them, or they just get forgotten after a month or so. 

Nevertheless, for many people, it’s still something they do to help themselves set goals for the brand-new chapter of the world. It’s for them to stay focused and to be a better version of themselves in the new year. 

A new year’s resolution is written for a chance to change the things you desire to improve within yourself. Since this new year presents an opportunity for a fresh beginning, it’s the best time to list down your new or additional aims and plans. All of them will always be targeting a healthier you. 

And when we talk about health, it’s beyond what the naked eye can see. It includes every aspect of human health from head to toe and inside out.


Pro-Health Goals and Resolutions for the New Year 


Now, while you are about to complete your self-to-self promises for the new year, include these pro-health goals and resolutions to your list to become a better version of yourself:


1 - Make time for regular exercise



Life today has become inexplicably busy for everyone. Regardless of whether you are a student, an employee, a businessman or whatever, you are busy because of many responsibilities. This is the biggest excuse of most people who do not exercise.

I don’t have time for it.” That’s the usual response. The truth is that you will never have time for it if you do not actually make time for it. You will not be able to use exercise equipment without picking it up and letting it serve its purpose. Making time for exercising involves putting it on your to-do list and prioritizing it whenever it’s time to do it. 

In your new year’s resolution, include spending time for regular exercise and taking it seriously. Schedule it. Put it down on paper. Stick to it. This requires dedication and action. It’s voluntary and intentional.  


2 - Intentionally get that proper sleep


Besides lack of exercise and physical activity, most people also lack good sleep. 24 hours a day seems short and insufficient for all the tasks and errands one has, notwithstanding the external factors that may cause delay. 

Boost your health in the new year by determining to get that much-needed proper sleep. Reduce your eyebags. Lighten those dark under-eye circles. Be more energetic and active. Bloom brighter. Achieve a higher level of productivity. 

A pleasant sleep everyday can reward you with those and many more good things this year! 


3 - Quit the unhealthy vices



Bad habits will hinder your good goals to materialize. Quit the unhealthy vices that do not only make your new year’s resolution hopeless but also impede you from even trying. 

If you drink and/or smoke, know and realize that those practices will only harm your health in and out. Too much alcohol in your body slowly but surely damages your internal organs, at the same time your physical appearance dwindles. 

The same thing or worse happens as a result of cigarette smoking, but the terrible part is you are putting the lives of people around you at risk, too, due to second-hand smoke. 


4 - Find your new long-term hobbies



One of the ways to help yourself grow and glow more and avoid being totally lazy is by spending time on wholesome hobbies. You can discover your hidden talents, learn new skills and improve the abilities you already possess. 

Find your new long-term hobbies, and keep them in mind once you realize what’s for you. You will begin spending less time on social media and gadgets when you are engrossed in something that relaxes your mind and refocuses your mind. 

You will learn to efficiently deal with stress and have a great healing time if you have hobbies that make you healthier in different aspects of life. 


5 - Don’t be a workaholic anymore



While other people put “working harder than ever” as their new year’s resolution, you might want or need to modify yours a bit, particularly if you have worked extremely hard in the past years. 

It’s time to be more gentle than hard on yourself. You need to understand how valuable resting is for your overall health.

Aim big, and strive to hit them, but as much as possible, do not be a workaholic anymore. You love work, but love your health and life multiple times more! 

Do not feel guilty about taking vacation leaves from work. Use sick leave credits whenever you are not feeling well. Do not abuse your health. Have an appropriate work-life balance. 


6 - Learn ways to manage and combat stress better


Was it a stressful year? The new year is unpredictable. Nobody knows what’s ahead. Nevertheless, you should be ready and prepared to face and fight again. Learn ways to manage and combat stress better. Of course, they must be healthy and harmless methods! 

Being less reactive will keep you away from getting stressed out by little things. Acknowledge your emotions better. Get to know more the person you become in different emotions that come to you. 

Grasp that there are things within your control, and there are things within your control. Be more understanding of yourself and of others, too. 

Through being more mindful of these and all the other elements involved, you will learn to express your thoughts more properly while freeing yourself from stress. 


7 - Spend time with loved ones



Life is short. Time is gold. Spend time with your loved ones as much as you can. Your physical strength will not remain forever. 

Nobody knows what can happen in the future. While you can, highly hold dear the time you can spend with your family, friends, spouse, children, parents and other people you cherish.

In the new year, avoid excessively locking yourself up inside your bedroom if it’s not necessary. Eat with the family. Watch movies together. Be in a fitness group alongside each other. Go outdoors, or gather even indoors. Meet up with friends. Catch up with your besties. 

Make new memories! Keep your relationships healthy. Every second counts.  


8 - Be more grateful every day



Gratitude can make your soul healthier. Be more grateful every day in the new year to come. Avoid complaining at all times. It’s toxic! Rather, look for the good in everything. 

Be thankful for the smallest things, and bigger presents of life will arrive to you. Appreciate life more than you have done in the year that’s about to end.  


In Conclusion



Specify your health-related goals for the year. Although it will not be so easy to perform and accomplish them, do your best to stick to them and let them happen. 

The new year is a great opportunity for you to start afresh. Start the new year right by remembering the goals you write and keeping them in your heart.

Do not put too much pressure on yourself, but be committed to your target!  

Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of fitness equipment collections in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.