Stay Cool During Summer Without Air Conditioner with These 7 Hacks

Stargazing, gatherings in the backyard, pool parties, and so much more takes place during summer. You get to enjoy the best time with your friends and family, and revitalize. But, when the temperature goes up, everyone gets back into the cocoon of using air conditioners.

As the heat rises up, our electricity bills for the AC unit increases significantly. Besides emptying our bank, it also harms nature.

Save up your money and save the environment by staying cool without the air conditioner.


Simple Hacks to Stay Cool, Literally, During Summer


Here’re seven hacks that you must try throughout your summer time to stay cool, literally.


1. Cross-Ventilation


The first hack you can try is the cross-ventilation. All you need is to create the breeze in your home by opening the windows in the opposite direction.

Many people know about this hack. However, not everyone is familiar with the fact that timing plays an important role.

The best timing is to open from 5:00 to 8:00 am in the morning. While in the evening, you can open around 7:00 to 10:00 pm when there is pleasant air.

But, the timing differs from one region to the other. Hence, always think about it and then have cross ventilation.



2. Freezing the Sheets


Another hack to try is freezing the sheets to stay cool at night. All you need to do is throw some sheets in the freezer and let it cool. Take it out just a few hours before you are sleeping.

Pull them out on your bed and enjoy your time. The sheets will not give you cooling throughout the night, but it is a cool option to try.

However, keeping your sheets every day in the freezer will not be suitable. Therefore, try to imply this strategy for your pillowcase and top sheet.


3. Unclutter the Room


A cluttered room always feels hot. Thus, remove the unwanted furniture, pieces, books, magazines, or any other thing that is of no use. Your motive is to make the maximum air circulation and make room airy.

Open your window and throw the cotton drapes over your windows. Also, create a psychological effect that will give instant calmness to the room. Take a vase, fill it cold water, add flower petals that create instant summer décor.


4. Less Usage of Gadgets


All the electronics uses heat and thereby emit the heat waves even if you are not using them. So, unplug all the devices, which are not in use or perhaps use a smart power that will reduce the amount of heat it generates when the devices are idle.

In addition, try to carry other activities like laundry and cooking by the evening. You can also pre-cook your next day meals and reduce the daytime needs.


5. Turn on the Fans


Did you know that ceiling fans need to be arranged seasonally? I bet you weren’t aware of it.

In summer the ideal way to use the ceiling fans is to rotate them counter-clockwise at a faster speed. By doing so, it will generate cool and chilling air making you feel refreshed in the scorching heat.

In addition to it, turn on all the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom. It will pull out the hot air that stirs up after your shower or the cooking.


6. Nature Helps


We all know how nature keeps the temperature down, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Right before summer, start planting trees, shrubs and get small plants inside your home. Keep them on the east and west direction of your home. This will prevent the sun rays to come in.

However, you also need to take care of plants so that excessive sunlight doesn’t kill them. You can place them in your balcony, over the stairs, or simply anywhere in your home.

Trust me, the indoor temperature will be reduced!


7. Cooling Curtains


It may happen sometime during summer that by opening windows will be of no use and consistently bring heat indoors. At that time, you can try the cooling curtains and place it over your windows.

All you need is to get the curtains, dip them in cold water, and simply cover the windows opening. The hot air will hit the cooling curtains and bring down the temperature inside your home.



Finally, Keep Your Body Temperature Cool, as Well


As much as the outer temperature matters and these hacks will help you to stay cool without an air conditioner during summer, listen to your body temperature. It is more crucial.

Below are few tips for keeping yourself cool during the summer:

  • Sip on the ice tea.
  • Apply cold clothes on your neck.
  • Wear caps and hats during summer.
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your face and hands.
  • Soak your feet in the cool water. We suggest you add Epsom salt to relieve your stress and feel good.
  • DO NOT TAKE hot showers. Take cold showers in the morning and evening.
  • Paint your home white or indoors with calming and soothing colors.
  • Shut the doors to the rooms you don’t use.
  • Create a body mist using DIY and sprinkle on your face frequently.
  • Indulge in light food and not-too-spicy.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water.
  • Peppermint oil has a soothing effect to chill the room. Therefore, diffuse the peppermint oil.
  • Wash your bed sheets frequently as during summer it does become sweaty.
  • Install insulated window frames, attic, and of course, walls.
  • Get a dehumidifier.
  • Keep a bowl of ice-chilled water near your bed so to grab it in the middle of the night.
  • The temperature drops down during night in summer. Hence, allow the night air to come in. It is refreshing during such hours. (You can stargaze also)

So, that was all about some hacks and tips that you can try in summer without the air conditioner. These tips are helpful and harmless to the environment.

While these tips and hacks may not drop down the temperature entirely, but only to some extent, they are exceptionally helpful.

If you like these tips, then do share them, and drop your suggestions in the comment section below.

Chris M. Pepper has years of experience when it comes to HVAC. He is certified in many specialties and a part-time writer. With the articles, Chris gives recommendations and tips related to the air conditioner unit. His top suggestion is always Excel Air Conditioning, which provides brilliant service for customers.