Make Money Easily by Starting a Treasure Hunt Business

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Treasure-hunting is a fun, adventurous activity that involves exploring the endless possibilities of locating something hidden at an unknown place. It’s a source of great pleasure, especially for families, friends and colleagues looking to blow some steam, bond more, and have a good time.

And with the world gradually opening up after a lengthy COVID-19 lockdown, treasure hunting is one of the fun outdoors activities people will be eager to enjoy once again. It presents a great opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to start a lucrative business in treasure hunting.

Generally, when people think of a treasure hunt, what instantly comes to mind is mostly related to pirates sailing in the furthest waters or scouts in an expansive forest.

Well, that pretty much covers the basics, but this activity can be turned into a business opportunity that eventually earns you a good income stream.

Yep, stick around to learn how you can make money by creating a treasure hunt business.



Steps to Launch Your Own Treasure Hunt Business


There are different approaches that you can use to make ends meet if you want to settle on treasure hunting as a business venture.

Some of the best treasure hunting business ideas and tips to use include:


1. Start by Creating a Treasure Hunting Website


One of the popular ways of making money nowadays is through the use of online platforms and a website for your business. Many individuals out there are interested in participating in activities uncovering hidden treasures, but they luck information.

Do thorough research and launch a website from which you’ll share information about treasure hunting and fun opportunities where interested parties can participate in actual treasure hunts.

Once you have a treasure hunting business website all set up, you can begin earning money through this in different ways, including:

  • You can provide a way for people to subscribe to your site to get extra details regarding scavenger hunts that they are having already. A subscription fee can help you cover the costs for keeping your website up, and the surplus can serve as your income.
  • You can also decide to market other products related to treasure hunting and finding of hidden treasure, such as a high stakes treasure map or treasure trail.
  • You can even partner with an organization with similar interests, like the actual ones that teach people how to make a treasure hunt, and in that way you can end up getting your commission from the number of clients that they manage to get from your referrals.


2. Organize Actual Treasure Hunts



Family enjoying MinNature treasure hunt. Photo: Wan Cheng Huat / Wikimedia Commons.

You can decide to go the extra mile and organize fun treasure and scavenger hunts yourself. This can be achieved in at least two different ways:

  • You can have a treasure hunt where you decide to place the treasure at different points in a particular setting. The participants will try their best to get to the treasures, which, of course, has a price to be won as well. You will provide participants with different clues, which will make the hunt quite exciting and challenging all together. The fees that these individuals will pay for entry to participate in the hunt will help cover your expenses, and any extra money you earn yourself as a profit for organizing the treasure hunt event.
  • You can also locate treasure hunting hotspots where research shows that there are a great number of actual treasures. Organize with the authorities and officials at the place to bring clients provided that you get your cut of the share of income generated. This will be of more advantage to you since you’ll be able to cover the costs you’ll incur there, pocket some extra amount, and also take part in the hunt, which exposes you to the possibility of walking away with a price yourself.


3. Develop Mobile Treasure Hunting Apps and Games


Many people these days spend the bulk of their time staring at screens in this digital age. Well, why not encourage people to spend that time on their devices doing a fun activity that involves searching for valuable treasure that stimulates their minds?

Develop a treasure hunting app that people can download on their devices and play video games that are based on searching for treasures, such as a prey treasure hunt. This can be a more mentally stimulating and exciting way to spend digital time on your devices.

The benefits of such apps include helping people sharpen their mental faculties and skills since they need to think outside the box when looking for hidden treasures to win actual prices. It can also help develop an interest in real-life treasure hunting and improves the IQ of those playing.

Most popular applications have the option of including adverts and promotion opportunities for third-party products and services, which can become an extra income source for you.

Moreover, top-tier mobile and web applications can also win awards, such as the most downloaded app or most used or top-rated app, which in itself can come with a whole lot of publicity and cash prices with them. So, make sure you build a truly stellar app.


An innovative augmented reality treasure hunting app that’s become a successful business by burying $100 hidden around town. Image: TechCrunch.


4. Sell Your Own Branded Treasure Hunting Products


Another way you can make money online with your treasure hunting business is by building up and establishing your brand in the market and selling your own branded products.

Many people usually don’t have access to the many treasure maps, treasure hunting tools, or treasure hunt clues that are needed on hunts. You can invest in acquiring those resources and have them distributed or sold to people under your brand name.

If there are no copyright restrictions in the products or resources already out there, then you can get them, rebrand them and make them distinctively your own version. After which, you can sell them to people as a means to generate another decent revenue stream.

In some cases, it can be about acquiring very valuable things, like rare maps and unique compasses, and making them available to people. Just make sure all copyrights abd legal requirements are in order.

Similarly, you can market your treasure hunt tools with a commitment of offering extra information and clues in regards to the location where participants intend to do their treasure hunting. This is especially applicable in cases where there are harsh copyright rules that won’t allow you to produce your own version of documents and resources on treasure hunting.

That is another way to make your products available in the market and, at the same time, attract good reviews and recommendations for the extra services you offer to your customers.




Of course, there’s still a lot more to consider when starting and making money from your treasure hunting business, such as number of interested parties, your target market, and availability of required resources. Make sure all those other things are also right in your particular case.

Moreover, your trustworthiness, transparency and commitment to operate within the confines of the law when running the business are critical.

When everything is right, your treasure hunting business will be highly rewarding and satisfying, offering services and products at usually a relatively high price.

Thomas Quarry is an experienced treasure hunter and an entrepreneur as well. He knows how rare and essential treasure hunt clues are and how sensitive they can be since people often rely on them. Thomas has previously had the pleasure of discovering several hidden treasures and continues to seek for more.