How to Attract Great Opportunities into Your Life

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Many of us, after waiting for a long time for something we want, tell ourselves that we just need to be more patient and we will get it. But maybe you do not need to be more patient to get what you want. Maybe what you need is to start attracting the right opportunities to get what you want in life.

Let's say you are feeling stuck in your creative career and just want to know how you can attract the right people who will believe in you and give you a chance. Or, maybe you want to know how you can attract the kinds of clients that will help you make headway in your business. Maybe you are wondering how you can attract financial support at the right time to move your life forward.

How do you attract these wonderful opportunities to improve your life?

Well, to attract great opportunities in your life you need to work on yourself first because who you become directly impacts what you get from life. If you become smarter, you get smarter results. If you become lazy, you get results that reflect that trait. Basically, if you want more, become more.

Favorable events and life circumstances are things you attract by the person you become. Working on your attitude, for example, can increase your output and overall attractiveness, drawing to you more opportunities than you have now. As the New Age Law of Attraction maxim states, “Like attracts like.”


Like attracts like


What this maxim means is that whether you realize it or not, you are responsible for bringing both positive and negative influences into your life. Where you place your focus has a big impact on what happens to you. If you spend your days wallowing in regrets about the past or fears of the future, for example, you will likely see more negativity appearing in your life.

However, if you let go and look for the silver lining in every experience, you will soon start to see positive possibilities surrounding you every day. Therefore, the Law of Attraction encourages us to see that we are not helpless; that we have the capacity to take control of our future and direct how it unfolds, shaping it in the ways we choose and attracting more favorable opportunities to ourselves.

Whatever you are longing for, whatever your dreams are—you can attract more positive experiences and opportunities in your life by being more proactive and optimistic. Here are some useful tips that can help you become more proactive and attract more opportunities in your life.


1. Know thyself.


The ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself,” commonly attributed to Socrates, is vital if you want to attract more opportunities in your life and fulfill your potential. To know yourself means knowing things such as your deepest desires, thoughts and emotions, your values and character traits, what makes you happy, your perception of yourself relative to others and why you think and do the things you think and do. These are all examples of what might be called “substantial” self-knowledge.

Take some time to scrutinize who you are. Understand what makes you tick. Know yourself better. It will open your mind to a new awareness of your most intimate motivations and that of others towards you. It will improve your ability to anticipate how you typically react and how others are likely to behave toward you, thus improving your ability to read people and create better opportunities for yourself.

To know yourself, start by taking a critical look at your core values, hopes and dreams. Write them down. Compare that to how you spend your time. You will discover what you actually prioritize (where you spend most of your time) and what your real needs are. You’ll uncover aspects of your personality, behavior and mindset that you want to change to attract suitable opportunities your way.


2. Know where you are going.


To get to a destination, you need to know where that destination is. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. So, visualize where you want to be and the opportunities you need, while also maintaining a sense of clarity that draws on your “substantial” self-knowledge.

Imagine how it would feel to have already achieved your dreams and plan ahead for them. That can fuel your self-drive. A sticky note on the bedroom cabinet, the fridge or the front door can keep you in check if you’re wavering, as can a “dream board” designed to represent your hopes and dreams in pictorial form.

Then set SMART goals that lead to your desired destination. Goals help you stay on course and on schedule. They’re about positioning yourself appropriately. Goals also help you filter out distractions along the way so you can stay alert and focused on every opportunity that emerges in your life.


3. Speak affirming words to yourself.  


You need to encourage yourself throughout. Words that are either spoken or written are powerful tools for change. Religious institutions across the world have used words of affirmation for eons with great benefit to their practices. Stand in front of the mirror in the morning and speak affirming words to yourself. Say things like, “Today is going to be a great day.” That will inject instant positivity within you and prepare you to face the day with confidence.

When used frequently, affirmations can help reshape the core beliefs and assumptions that may be holing you back, and enhance your overall self-image. Affirmations also promote optimism, focus and dedication to the future possibilities and opportunities you want to attract.

Just remember affirmation must focus on the positive and evoke a strong emotional response. What you affirm must also be realistic and believable. If it is unrealistic, your conscious mind will begin an internal argument that can water down your affirmations, such as “Oh, who are YOU kidding? You will never be the president of the United States. You’ve never even held a steady job.” You don’t want that to happen.  


4. Surround yourself with inspiring people.


The people in your life play a big role in who you become and the opportunities that come to you. They can either push you forward toward your dream or keep you stagnant. They can motivate you or discourage you. Those you surround yourself with influence the books you read, the programs you watch, the way you speak and even the goals you set. They affect how you act and spend your time.

To get ahead in life, make the most of your time and attract the best opportunities, choose wisely whom you spend most of your time with. Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people. Nature those valued relationships that you have. Relationships with valued friends and family, for example, must be tended to like a garden. They should not be neglected.

These valued relationships you have with positive, supportive and inspiring people influence your future because you subconsciously start to model these behaviors. If you leave your relationships unattended, the weeds creep in to destroy them. But if you tend to them, they bring forth nourishing fruits of opportunity, and set you up for true happiness and success in life.


5. Work your talents


Don’t just sit there, waiting for good things to fall into your lap. Get up. Go out into the world and work on your talents. Work your gifts. Apply your skills. Utilize the resources you have no matter how small they are to create more opportunity. Try everything to turn those small sparks of opportunity into a big fire.

Opportunities are there for you to seize them. They are fleeting and do not care about what you want or need in life. Opportunities care about your initiative and the talent you apply to turn them into something great. That means you have to step outside your comfort zone and go grab them.

Each meaningful action you take creates new possibilities in your life. Consider the soil; it doesn’t care about your need for food. It cares about your initiative to plant the seed. The key to creating opportunities, attracting more opportunities and realizing your dreams is definitive action.

So, bring initiative and talent to every opportunity that presents itself and you will attract more opportunities in your life every step of the way.

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