Questions You Need to Ask to Find the Best Tattoo Removal Expert

If you want to remove a tattoo on your body, it’s critically important that you find the right tattoo removal expert who will get the job done well.


Getting inked usually comes with all the fun and pomp of the fair, especially if you are getting a tattoo for the first time. You are bound to be excited about it. But, at some point, you may find you do not like the tattoo or you just would like to remove it.

What if you get bored of the tattoo? This can be scary. But, fear not. We will discuss the best tips for finding a qualified tattoo removal expert that’ll do the job safely and competently.

As you may know, a botched tattoo removal job can cause serious harm to your skin, leading to skin scarring, infections, or even skin cancer. 


Getting a Clean Slate 


Modern laser tattoo removal techniques, different from over-the-counter creams and do-it-yourself kits that are not very safe and effective, make it possible to completely erase what was once thought permanent ink. But it's always advisable to consult a board-certified dermatologist in your local area to safely remove your tattoo with minimal side effects and give you a do-over. 

Let’s say you live in Austin, Texas. An Austin-based dermatologists or specialist can perform a professional Austin tattoo removal procedure to give you a clean slate. Dermatologists are medically trained skin and laser experts and can help you achieve the best results. 

Besides dermatologists, there are other experts that can safely remove your tattoos. A skilled tattoo removal expert will evaluate the tattoo and thoroughly review your ink removal procedure to determine how many sessions you will need to achieve your desired results.

Here're questions you need to ask to find the right, most skilled, and qualified tattoo removal expert:


1. Is The Expert Certified?


Certifications for being a tattoo removal expert is important. These certifications help prove the credibility of a specific tattoo removal expert and their services. As such, you can build stronger trust and confidence in their expertise. 

So, if you are about to get your tattoos removed, make sure the removal expert has certification. The certification should mention their expertise and demonstrate extensive knowledge in this field to reassure you they can do the job well. 


2. What Type of Laser Do they Use?


Body tattoo is removed using a specialized laser. This laser needs to make use of new-generation technology to provide the best results and utmost safety to your body during the entire removal process. 

Nowadays, there are several types of cutting-edge laser technologies used for tattoo removal, such as picosecond laser that some consider the gold standard in tattoo removal and Q-switch lasers which others are pretty sure is the elite of tattoo removal lasers.

Make sure you ask your tattoo removal expert about the laser technology they use, and do your own research to make sure it is the latest and best technology in the market. Remember, the more updated version they use, the better results you are likely to get and the safer it is for your body. 


3. Do they Use Any Active Cooling Methods?


Active cooling methods are applied to protect your skin, and they also help protect the ink without any heat damage. Since most lasers leave an uncomfortable and burning sensation after the tattoo removal procedure, using active cooling methods is good practice. 

However, making sure that your tattoo removal expert uses an active cooling method is not all you need to keep in mind. You also need to figure out whether they will protect your skin from all other types of allergies and discomfort. 

The best active cooling methods will also help ensure your skin has reduced pain after the treatment. 


4. Are There Any Guarantees for the Services Offered?


A skilled tattoo removal expert will offer some guarantees for the services they offer. Their years of experience, certifications, and ratings will help them provide credible assurances about their services and bolster their guarantee that the services they offer is top-notch. 

That type of assurance is very important for peace of mind at every step of the way. 


5. Do They Work With a Medical Director?


Open communication with a medical director is mandatory for tattoo removal experts. This improves their capacity to deliver the best services without second guessing themselves, and also provide better services to customers who remove their tattoos and may have some complications. 

Any tattoo removal expert who does not work with a medical director may be running at a massive disadvantage. So, keep a check on that.


6. Are They Specialists in Tattoo Removal?


It doesn't matter how often someone calls themselves an expert, they need to be properly equipped with the right tools and fully qualified to perform the job to be it. 

A way to know for sure that they are qualified is when the expert has proof of their specialization in tattoo removal. Certifications, awards, and other evidence are great for this purpose. A professional website is also useful for ascertaining the expert’s qualification. 

Another way to find out about their knowledge and skill level is to map out their familiarity with ink density and such insider knowledge. Any expert who claims to be a specialist in tattoo removal will have sufficient knowledge in all these areas.


7. What Is the Cost?


A tattoo removal expert who is good at their job will also have the proper rate for their services. If they charge too high or too low, maybe you should research more about them. 

If the tattoo removal expert is charging too much, there should be a credible reason and strong reassurances for the work that they do. However, it is often best to find those experts and specialists who provide professional and effective services at nominal rates. 

Many experts have their rates mentioned on their website, so be sure to check their pricing there before anything. You are bound to find adequate information about the cost there, which will inform you if a particular tattoo removal expert or specialist is the right fit for you.