Housing Crisis: Transforming Broken Hotels Into Affordable Workforce Housing

Conversion of struggling hotels and motels into multi-family housing has the potential of providing affordable housing facilities for people without a roof over their heads.


Hotel stays in the United States and everywhere else across the globe plummeted with the social distancing and home quarantine triggered by the COVID-19 global pandemic. In 2020, hotels took the biggest hit with millions of hotel rooms remaining empty and unreserved. 

At the same time, we have been witnessing that communities across the nation were facing a severe shortage of housing with renting increasingly becoming exorbitant and unaffordable for the not-so-affordable class. 

In practically all the states, low-income bracketed households or families earning even less than 80 percent of the average household income ended up spending over 30 percent of their earnings on rent, as per statistics in 2019.

The transformation and repurposing of broken hotels into affordable workforce housing space, intended for low-pay families, gives a few advantages, with an end goal to house lower-procuring individual families all through the United States.


Conversion of Hotels: The Right Choice


Constructing new affordable housing could present a few challenges. Today, labor, materials, and of course, land that was expensive even before COVID-19, have become costlier. That is primarily why some innovative developers are embracing the idea of converting old and broken hotels into affordable workforce housing. It seems to be a match made in heaven in the real-estate world. 

The conversion of struggling hotels and motels into multi-family housing has the potential of providing affordable housing facilities for people without a roof over their heads. That is primarily because of high rents that are out of their reach. 

Moreover, people without a roof over their heads cannot afford to buy a house due to financial constraints. Conversion of broken motels and hotels to affordable housing is the perfect solution under these dire circumstances.

The cycle starts with adjustment of the first hotel structure and preliminary work for the change. With the inception of remodel, old allotments, roofs, plumbing apparatuses, and mechanical frameworks all through the office are eliminating and supplanting. 

Different subtleties like windows, entryways, and emergency exits should be fixed or modified to meet existing code prerequisites. Outlining for new dividers and protection establishment happens once the rooftop and other major primary updates are finished. 

Unique consideration should be applied when introducing another deep opening inside the current framework or during the remaking of inside flights of stairs. This occupation limits the danger of harming any generally huge highlights that may as of now exist inside the hotels’ unique plan. When the outlining work arrives at fruition, the time has come to drape drywall all through the structure.

Prior to buying a broken hotel, a designer should guarantee that it is reasonable for transformation. An intensive examination of the local area where the hotel sits ought to be compulsory. 

Significant variables to know are the town's absolute number of representatives, normal pay, populace thickness, current and extended future interest for workforce housing, state and neighborhood codes, and different contemplations.

From an economic point of view, utilizing existing designs is something other than solid conservation arranging; it's creative turn of events. Noteworthy tax breaks that by and large live in the nearby commercial center where old inns dwell, monetary advantages frequently increase. 

Working with set up rules guarantees old hotels keep up with their extraordinary person. Moreover, this methodology guarantees that such tasks are monetarily practical over the long haul. With the capacity to contribute decidedly to the neighborhoods they possess as steady wellsprings of affordable housing.

Those engineers who accept that changing over a broken hotel into an affordable workforce housing complex is a basic cycle are in for an astonishment. Since the truth of the matter is, related knowledge is an unquestionable requirement. 

Just the most skilled of engineers should endeavor a task like this without having seen it being done in advance. It is enthusiastically suggested that the best region workers for hire be approached to join this sort of venture.

The interest in restoring a messed-up hotel gives both prompt and long haul returns for nearby legislatures. Also areas trying to hold and draw in new occupants—all in light of a legitimate concern for monetarily suitable networks. With assorted housing types at different costs.


Don’t Let the Opportunity Slip Away


In California, government agencies have been successful in converting 120 sites, a majority of the hotels and motels, into 5,911 affordable housing units for the low-income renters and the homeless, according to a report generated in April by the California Department of Housing and Community Development. 

In comparison to California, the grand total of motels and hotels that were transformed into affordable workforce housing units in New York City during the global pandemic was zero. 

It was not because of a lack of effort. Nonprofit developers are planning to purchase and transform over 700 hotels and motels into affordable housing. However, these plans have been thwarted initially by zoning and regulatory obstacles that are likely to get intensified once the travel and tourism industry starts recovering and gradually speculative investors start re-entering the market. 

But, the window of opportunity still remains open. It is time to take proactive steps and translate the dreams into a reality!


Coordinating With an Appraisal Company


Such conversions can be seamless with the help of expert ‘commercial assessment & valuation’ companies. These organizations have adequate experience and the necessary expertise to deal with whatever challenges come their way. 

Some of the challenges could be determining the viability of conversion of a specific hotel and navigating through the complications presented by regulations relating to zoning and building codes. 

It’s advisable to go ahead with the conversion plans with professional assistance from firms that provide expert zoning analysis, market viability, accurate environment assessment & appraisals, and other vital services necessary for such projects.

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