5 Critical Health Hacks New Parents Should Learn

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Some crucial health hacks for parents will keep baby happy and healthy and ease new parents' panic and unnecessary trips to the emergency room.


No matter the challenges that people face in the world, babies continue to be born. In 2021, 3,659,289 babies were born in the U.S alone, according to data from the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics. That translates to roughly double the number of new parents.

All those new parents need to learn more than just how to change a diaper. For example, new parents also need to understand some of the most common health issues newborns may encounter and how to address them.

The right information about these matters will help you gain a better understanding of what being a parent entails, as well as ease new parents' panic and unnecessary trips to the emergency room.


Important Health Hacks for New Parents



Here are five critical health hacks new parents should go out of their way and learn to keep their bundles of joy happy and healthy. These hacks when learned will give you great peace of mind knowing that you learnt them, and could even save your baby's life in emergencies:


1. CPR


The way to give CPR to a newborn is different than it would be for an adult. It's much gentler due to the baby's size and fragility.

New parents should learn how to perform this operation through a CPR certification class. This should be done before birth.

After that, parents want to perform a CPR renewal to freshen their skills. They don't have to go to a class for this recertification. Companies like AED CPR provide quick online renewals.


2. Colic Control


Colic occurs when gas bubbles form in the baby's belly. Since they don't know how to release the pressure, it becomes painful for them. Hence, they cry in pain.

The reasons for colic occurring include putting the baby down for a nap right after eating or not burping them. One health hack here is to make sure the baby's food is adequately digested before laying them down for a nap or bedtime.

Another health hack you can use before and during colic attacks is to bicycle the infant's legs. To do this, parents lift their child's legs and push them toward their belly. Then, they move them in a motion similar to the way one would pedal a bike. This should help move the gas bubbles around, so the baby passes gas.


3. Massage


Massage isn't only for adults who had hard weeks. They're a critical component of a baby's well-being. Parents can calmly soothe their children while establishing a closer connection to them. Also, as it does with adults, massage helps remove toxicity from an infant's body.

The best way to handle this is for parents to get their infant down to their diaper and lay them on a warm blanket. Using a hypoallergenic oil, parents start the massage at their child's head and slowly move their way down along the arms, torso, and legs.

A lack of fidgeting from the baby means they feel the effects of the massage.



4. Rash Reduction


Rashes cause issues for both parents and newborns. The latter experiences discomfort from red itchy areas, particularly their bottoms. Parents get frustrated because they don't know how to treat it or how it happened.

There are a few health hacks to minimize rashes. Vasoline is an acceptable method that helps soothe and rehydrate skin. A paste comprised of one-part baking soda and one-part warm water also helps reduce the redness. Creams such as Desitin can help with the reduction process.

Parents can prevent rashes from occurring to make sure their baby is completely dry in all situations. Putting on a diaper when those areas are still damp causes a rash to form. Similarly, any clothes they use should be completely dry.


5. Food Allergy Avoidance


One of the culprits connected to rashes is food allergies. This happens when the infant begins to intake solid foods. On top of itchy bumps along their skin, a baby might also experience issues going to the bathroom or throwing up more frequently.

Before you consult an allergist, the first thing parents need to do is determine the food that causes issues. For this, they need to eliminate items that seemed to cause adverse effects. Once their baby seems clear, they re-insert those foods back into their diet. They should consult with their pediatrician if they have a hard time determining what is causing the reactions.


In Conclusion


It can be challenging for some parents to remember all of these health hacks that they need to learn, but the hacks can certainly help avoid some painful days and nights. So, make every effort to remember them. If necessary, put this article on a bulletin board or refrigerator for quick access. 

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