6 Content Creation Ideas for Aspiring Student Influencers

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If you are considering starting content creation as a student, there is no time like the present. Check out content creation ideas for students you can use.


The term ‘influencer’ is said more regularly today than the traditional professional job titles we are used to hearing. Is influencing considered a job, we hear many ask?

The data shows that influencing, which is marked by online ‘content creating’ is indeed a feasible avenue to follow to earn a living, with enough cash to possibly replace the average annual income.

For students today, they have grown up and developed alongside the growth of social media. From what we can see, we have not even reached the peak of the potential of social media content creating and influencing.

As such, many students are jumping on the social media content creation and influencing bandwagon to launch careers, make money online, and take advantage of the opportunity.

If you are considering starting content creation as a student, there is no time like the present. Could you have been a global internet sensation by now if you started around the same time that Zoella did? Perhaps, but even micro influencers have shown the potential for new creators to achieve success all by being themselves and consistently posting engaging content in their niche.

In this blog, we share how you can get started in content creation as a student, and some tips on the best social media platforms to use to boost your ‘viral’ and influencer potential.


Benefits of Content Creation for Students


Content creation doesn't only have the potential to gain you flowers and lucrative partnerships with brands, but studies have also shown that students who create content are more likely to engage with learning and construct their own knowledge. Essentially, this will promote students' ownership of work and motivate them to take pride in their academic and personal pursuits.

It is also essential to consider student representation within online communities. Despite there being so many young people creating content today, you need to consider if you represent a community of students that does not have someone creating content.

For example, are you an introverted student who loves boxing? Why not show your journey boxing and balancing the sport alongside your academic studies? Content creation plays a part in building community and representation. People love to watch creators if they can relate with them or if they are someone you would aspire to be like.


Top Content Creator Apps/Platforms for Students


Now, it's time to determine which app or platform will be your weapon of choice when creating online content. Many of these platforms are quite popular and will be familiar to anyone reading this, but we'll also include a breakdown on what content performs best on each of the platforms:

  • Blog: Study routines, reviews of textbooks/resources, university life advice posts, scholarship guides.
  • YouTube: Vlogs of a day in the life, study with me videos, campus tours, explainer videos on academic topics.
  • Instagram: Aesthetically pleasing photos of study spaces, motivational quotes, event promotion stories, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.
  • TikTok: Short, engaging videos on study tips, life hacks, funny takes on student problems, and trends related to your niche.

Whichever platform(s)  you typically find yourself using the most is likely the app where you should start making content on. It can be daunting at first, but you will already know the platform inside out from a user perspective, so of course you know what people want to see!


Best Content Creation Ideas for Students


Now, for the content ideas. For students, some genres to start posting about are more obvious than others. The key is to choose a niche that you would enjoy yourself, and one that is broad enough and will not be exhausted after a few posts:


1. Daily Vlogs


Sometimes you don’t need to overcomplicate content creation. People today will watch just about anything, especially if the creator is detailed about their day-to-day agenda.

You can bring people along with your daily university routine, from your morning gym sessions to lectures, to ‘get ready with me’ videos’ styling your abayas for university events.

You will be surprised how many people will enjoy seeing your daily routine, especially if it inspires them or encourages them to follow any of the habits that you do.


2. Study/ Productivity Hacks


Student life is not easy, especially the academic part. Consider sharing study and productivity hacks whilst you apply them to your studies.

Keep in mind they do not need to be perfect. You are simply sharing what works for you, and they might not work for everyone, but chances are some users will be able to take something away.

Some students even do live videos, showing the length of time they invest into studying to encourage others to do the same.


3. Campus Life


Young people today are eager to see what campus life is like in different parts of the world. Showing your own ‘campus life’ series will attract visitors who are interested in seeing the real student lifestyle.

It is also helpful for college students looking for their university choices to see what your university is like to help them with their decision-making.

Show snippets of student social events, and share talking-style videos where you explain your experience and recommendations.


4. Mental Health


Students today are one of the largest generations of people suffering with their mental health. Luckily, online communities make it a safe space to be open about mental health and share tips to work through it.

If you are someone who has suffered as a result of poor mental health, sharing your journey with others will be a great way to find your niche as a creator.

Share the habits you implemented to better your mental state and activities you do to remind yourself of your value and worth.

Other students who might be in a negative state of mind will feel empowered seeing how someone going through a similar situation has come out of it as a better person.


5. Fitness Inspiration


The fitness community, also referred to as ‘fittok’ is one of the most popular categories on TikTok. If you are a student who loves all things fitness, you should start showing your workout routines and how you fit them around lectures and student life.

Let's face it, for a lot of students, the lifestyle involves drinking, and generally not being health-focused. Showing how you balance fitness and fun will offer inspiration to other students who struggle to see the possibility of balance.


6. Music & Performing


Have a talent for singing, playing instruments or even acting? Student content creators are gaining millions of likes all by sharing their beautiful song covers, for acoustic covers of trending songs.


Final Tips


We hope you are now filled with inspiration! Here are some final tips to keep in mind when you start to create your content:

  • Post Regularly
  • But Quality Exceeds Quantity
  • Engage With Your Viewers
  • Stay Authentic
  • Be Mindful About What You Share

If you have been considering starting your content creator journey, don't wait! There is so much opportunity out there for influencers of all sizes, especially for the younger student generations.

Gen-Z takes up 80% of total TikTok users, so who better to create content than the people most invested in trends and online communities?

Start your journey today, and make content to better the lives of others!

Amy Jones is a freelance writer, covering many topics from weddings to stunning abayas. In her spare time, she loves to find environmentally friendly swaps in day to day life to do her bit to help the planet.