How to Get More Qualified Leads with Interactive Content & PPC Ads

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Interactive PPC ads have the potential to open numerous doors for brands’ digital marketing, especially when combined with interactive content marketing.


The popularity of pay-per-click or PPC ads management has skyrocketed, with PPC advertising delivering great results for businesses across industries and niches. 

However, if you want PPC advertising to deliver even better results for you, you should combine content marketing and PPC advertising to create interactive ads.

Interactive content has numerous benefits to offer. In this article, we'll highlight some of the ways in which interactive content can help your PPC ads generate more qualified leads. 

From the engaging nature of interactive content to understanding the buyer's journey and more, we hope you'll find a ton of helpful information covered here. 


Benefits of Interactive PPC Content Marketing for Business




Let’s dive in on key benefits interactive content and and how PPC ads can help you generate more qualified leads:


1. Interactive content educates, entertains, and engages audiences


Interactive PPC content marketing for your business can do way more than regular PPC ads. This is down to the fact that interactive content doesn't just entertain and educate—it also engages people. 

The combination of the three things (educationentertainment, and engagement) makes interactive content more fun to consume. End-users who consume the content feel more involved when consuming interactive content, and this raises the likelihood of them becoming more interested in a brand and its products.

For instance, if the combination of PPC and content strategy results in ads that feature quizzes, the end-user will feel more inclined to engage with it. After all, getting the answers right will increase the user's confidence. This situation is something that simply can't be achieved through a blog post or an ebook. 

Quite simply, static and passive content isn't as immersive as interactive content.


2. You can collect more information about users


When it comes to passive content, there's no way for you to gauge whether your target audience has consumed it. However, things are entirely different with interactive PPC marketing for lead generation. 

That's because, through interactive content, you can collect crucial data about the users as and when they consume the content. For instance, you can evaluate and assess the number of interactions, such as clicks and views, and you can also check when users are stopping their consumption of the interactive content.

All of the user information you collect can go a long way toward improving your digital marketing strategy. After all, your audience's needs, behaviors, and pain points are vital information that can help you shape not just strategies, but also your products and services.


3. Tailor content on the basis of different buyer personas


Your target audience consists of people who have different personalities, tastes, and preferences. In the world of digital marketing for business, a buyer persona is an important factor, and if you can cater to different buyer personas, there's nothing like it. 

In order to curate unique content for each buyer persona, it's essential to understand the buyer's journey, which refers to the experiences and interactions of a potential buyer prior to purchase. The buyer's journey consists of the following stages:

  • Awareness of problems: This is the first stage in the buyer's journey, and it involves potential buyers being made aware of their respective problems and the solutions they need. During this stage, interactive content such as tips and how-to instructions cannot just make potential buyers aware but also prove your brand's expertise to them.
  • Consideration:This is the second stage, and at this juncture, it's all about the potential buyers considering the various ways that can fix their problems. The consideration stage typically sees potential buyers taking to the internet to search for content that can enlighten them on how you can solve their issues.
  • Decision: After the awareness and consideration stages, a potential buyer is ready to take a final decision after comparing the available products and/or services.

Brands leveraging interactive content have to ensure that they create content not just for different buyer personas, but also for every stage of the buyer's journey as well. 

Through information gathering, you can get to know which stage of the buyer's journey a potential buyer is in and craft content accordingly.




Overall, it's safe to say that nowadays, interactive PPC ads have the potential to open numerous doors for ambitious brands. However, it may be necessary that your business works closely with a PPC marketing agency for the best results. 

A digital marketing agency specializing in PPC campaign management can provide a wide range of PPC services that can help your business get more leads and conversions.

Maggie Simmons is Marketing Manager at Max Effect Marketing, a leading digital agency located in Denver, Colorado. She enjoys writing helpful marketing content and insights, including PPC and content strategy.