Best Backup Power Options to Handle Energy Outages and Disruptions

The right backup power solution helps you take control of any scheduled or unscheduled power outages and interruptions that disrupt your life and business.


Best Backup Power Options to Handle Energy Outages and Disruptions

Another blackout? How often does it happen? Is it ruining your day?

A scheduled or unscheduled power interruption is something that you have no control over, which is frustrating. The U.S., for example, relies on fossil-fuel-based power, and when things get hot in the summer, blackouts are bound to happen.

Fortunately, you can take control of the situation with backup power solutions. There are many to choose from, and with the right strategy you can be totally off the grid.

Here’re some of the best backup power solutions you may actually need when the power goes out.


1. Portable Generator


Portable power generator - fuel

Portable generators are convenient and simple to use. They provide a reliable source of energy. They come in all sizes and range from small, portable units to large, commercial units.

Portable generators are great for powering lights, sump pumps, refrigerators, and other essential appliances in the event of an energy outage. Many portable generators can also power larger items like air conditioners, hot water heaters, and furnaces.

Portable generators provide a reliable source of power in any emergency situation as well as in many different locations, both indoors and outdoors. They are leak-proof, making them safe to use.


2. Solar Generator


A solar generator is a perfect tool for handling energy outages and disruptions. It utilizes solar power to provide electricity. It is also highly reliable.

You can install it on rooftops, allowing them to run throughout the day and store excess energy in a battery. This energy is then ready to be used during an outage.

If you are wondering how much solar costs, you’ll be happy to learn that solar generators and installations have become more affordable and accessible than ever. There are different makes and models to suit every budget, making them an ideal choice for businesses and residential homes.


3. Wind Generator 


Windmills against trees and buildings in countryside

Not only are wind generators a clean and renewable source of energy, but they are also relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain. You can install wind turbines in any location as long as the site offers adequate wind speeds to generate power.

Single wind turbines can produce enough energy to power a single home or small business. Many wind turbines installed in a series can generate enough energy to power an entire neighborhood.

Because wind generators are independent of the grid and other energy sources, they are a great backup plan in case of interruptions. Wind generators are extremely reliable and efficient and provide a great way to keep the lights on and stay connected when the power is out.


4. Standby Generator


If there is a power outage, this system keeps the electricity going.

Standby generators are powered by either a diesel or a gas motor, and they can keep putting out high-quality electricity for weeks or months.

Standby generators also have features like automatic start-up, power restoration in case of an emergency, and power sensing technology. It makes them a safer, convenient, and more reliable choice when you need power in an emergency.

Installing a standby generator is a great way to make sure you never lose power, so you can always use your important appliances, electronics, and lights.


5. Permanent or Fixed Generator


Home Permanent/Fixed Generator

These generators are hooked up to a fuel source like natural gas or propane and stay in place. They help make sure that a home or business always has power.

Installing a permanent or fixed generator usually involves figuring out the power output based on the fuel source, preparing a safe and dry place for the generator to live, and setting up an automatic transfer switch.

A fixed generator lets the generator take over when the power goes out and connects the electric energy it generates to the main power system once it has been set up properly.

While this type of backup power is more expensive than mobile or portable generators, it can however provide the most reliable source of electricity with the least amount of work during outages or disruptions.


6. Battery Backup System


A battery backup system provides a viable solution that allows for an uninterruptible power supply to be maintained at all times. The system is powered by a number of batteries, usually of the lead-acid type, which are housed inside a single cabinet.

The backup system works by automatically recharging the batteries and storing this energy for when electric outages occur, ensuring that your essential operations can continue uninterrupted during periods of insufficient utility power. 

The batteries take up very little space, making this an ideal solution for those with limited space. 


7. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


UPS Backup System Front View

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are increasingly popular for providing backup power for essential electronics, including providing backup power for computer systems, network equipment, security systems, and even emergency lighting.

UPS systems come in a variety of sizes and power capabilities. This means there is an option for most budgets and power needs. Some systems can provide up to several hours of emergency power, while others can provide several days of uninterrupted power.

When purchasing a UPS system, make sure the system can provid the necessary voltage and amperage your electrical devices require. Regularly testing the system's performance and replacing the batteries every few years is also important.

UPS systems are can provide reliable backup power during energy outages and disruptions.


In Conclusion


You can take control of your power flow with any of those backup power solutions. Having a reliable power backup system, particularly during energy outages, can not only prevent costly disruptions and loses, but also safeguard your interests and security during power downtimes.

So, don't let energy outages and disruptions disrupt your life and or business. Make plans to get yourself the best backup solutions for you to enjoy a convenient and stable energy source!