How Photography Can Improve Your Writing

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Have you ever wonder what photography and writing have in common?

Well, they both are creative forms of art. Moreover, if you improve the art of photography, you are likely to also improve and master your writing skills as well. I bet you’d like that!

Actually, there are several ways how photography makes your writing better.

Let's review them.


1. Paying more attention to detail


The art of photography is very meticulous just like writing. You should pay a lot of attention to detail if you want to shoot a wonderful photo.

And you will keep on editing your raw photography until it is perfect. You will concentrate on a certain detail that will make your photo stand out.

In writing, you also do the same if you want to underscore or highlight key aspects and quality. Therefore, paying more attention to every single detail will make your writing better.


2. Highlighting colors and light


In writing, you need to paint vivid mental pictures to stimulate the reader’s senses if you want to create engaging scenes and captivating stories.

A similar thing applies in photography. You need to make the right choice of light, colors and scenes to make your photo expressive and catchy. For instance, you might use certain colors to depict certain moods or times.

When you are writing, you also use colors to present some mood. For example, if you incorporate blue color in your story it can denote a mood of sadness and depression.


3. Constructing of scenes


One of the most distinguishing features of a professional photographer is the ability to create vivid, eye-catching scenes. All the objects should be placed appropriately so that a person who views them will understand the meaning of the episode.

The same thing happens in writing when you are building scenes.  You need to place all the elements of a vivid, impactful scene together in the best possible way.

So if you learn how to make a scene in photography, no doubt it will be easy for you to do it it in writing too.


4. Enjoying the creative ride


The art of shooting photos might be compared to a ride. You make 100 pics, however, only one or two of them will be appropriately expressive, meaningful and as successful as you want it to be. So most of your photos will subjectively be not that good, but it does not mean you should not take a ride. Just keep shooting!

The same thing is faced in writing. For instance, many writers get stuck on a certain sentence, trying to select the most exciting words and descriptive expressions. Writing and rewriting sentences, paragraphs and even whole chapters. However, sometimes you just need to write and share to create a masterpiece, not focusing too much on perfection.


5. Remaining alert always


You never know when you will experience the perfect moment to take a picture. Therefore, every photographer needs to keep their tools always at hand.

The same is the case for writing. You might experience an inspiring idea any time, so you should always be prepared to capture that moment and jot the idea down. A good writer is the one that carries a pen and notebook wherever they go.

If you learn to stay alert and quick to capture good photos, you will also hone your ability to capture writing ideas and inspiration as well, which will make you a good writer.


6. Never giving up


If you are a novice in photography, you will not always be pleased with your results at first. Note that even if you are intermediate in photography, you still will not always be satisfied with your initial work for the most part.

However, it does not mean that because you are not happy with your first photos you should not take pictures anymore. Just keep on practicing and be patient. Work hard and you will get excellent results in time. Don’t give up. Innovate and improve—never give up.

In the same way, you will not always be pleased with your first writings and initial writing drafts. But that does not mean you should give up on your craft. Keep practicing, learning and improving. The more you practice writing, the better a writer you become.

You've got to get up and work your craft. If you need some help with your photography, you may use some of the best photo editing tools and retouching services out there.

Enjoy photography and master your writing! 

Sara Santos works as a content manager and a professional writer for The Word Point translation agency. Her writing path is full of high-quality experience, different types of articles, dissertations, informative pieces for newspapers, etc.