5 Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before a Big Presentation

Tensed-up nerves shouldn’t be the reason you miss big presentations.


Nothing is more horrible than fighting the jitters against something you’ve worked hard on. Additionally, there’s no shame in acknowledging the fact that you do get the jitters.

This is why we’re here to help you with some practical tips you can apply so that your big presentation won’t be missed because of tensed-up nerves:


1. Arrive Early and Attend Other Speeches


The best hack if you’re lucky enough to be doing your presentation at an event or a conference is that the previous speakers can be your first line of defense. Listen to their speeches and check how the crowd responds. 

You’ll be able to gauge if the audience you’ll be presenting to has a sense of humor or are seriously interested in the subject. Additionally, by attending other speeches, you get to pay respect to your colleagues.

Being early also relieves you of the added panic of not knowing the location of where you’ll be delivering your message and will grace you with the mental preparation to take in the space of the stage, the vibe of the room, and where the nearest bathroom is for your bathroom breaks.


2. Get Present by Returning to Your Body


This means paying attention to how your body is responding to the tension. Grounding yourself will help you address each and every part of your body’s response to panic and you can calm these one part at a time. 

Focus on these instead of the tendency to think of scenarios. The present condition will more likely affect how the future will turn out.


3. Take Deep Breaths


That panicked breathing is normal, if you’re anxious. It is the body’s reflex. However, it won’t help you speak easily, which is why you should take deep, long breaths instead of giving in to the shortness of breath. This will keep your body’s flow of oxygen back to normal and will also lessen your shaking.


4. Watch What You Eat/Drink Before the Presentation


Certain food or beverages can greatly aid in calming your nerves or helping you focus better, including:


  • Drink water right before your public speaking

If you’re having a dry mouth due to anxiety, you’ll need to drink water (and take a trip to the nearest bathroom before your speech). 

If your hands are shaky, consider holding on to a pen or your water bottle.


  • Salmon: High Omega-3 essential fats that help with focus and concentration

If you’re a fan of fish, then you can probably do a quick treat before going to your presentation to grab some salmon-based dish or snack. 

Salmon, with its high Omega-3 content, is scientifically proven to help the mind retain information and help keep your mood in a better state.


  • CBD Oil: Reduces anxiety during public speaking

Recent studies on the medical benefits of marijuana point to its ability to calm the nerves and relieve anxiety, which has contributed to a rise in the production and sales of CBD oils. But do check whether use of CBD oilis legal where you live.

Currently, there is not a single state that holds a ban on the use of CBD. States across the US legalized hemp-derived CBD thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. However, there are states where CBD is only legal for medical purposes.

For example, CBD oil is legal in New Jersey for both hemp-derived and marijuana itself. CBD oil in Illinois, on the other hand, allows only for medical purposes while hemp-derived CBD is completely legal.


  • Complex carbohydrates

A diet that consists of complex carbohydrates will increase the body’s ability to produce serotonin, which calms the nerves.

Whole grains are your friends; sugary foods are your enemies.


5. Manage Your Nerves Along the Way


If you’re grounding yourself and focusing on the present, you’ll be able to identify which parts of your body are manifesting the anxiety and you can act on it prior to your presentation. 

While presenting, focus on what you want to say and be there with your message–both mind and body.


In Conclusion


Delivering a message to a crowd can leave anyone with an out-of-body experience. The aforementioned tips will help you calm the nerves so you feel more in your body.

Remember, eat a healthy diet prior to the big day to balance your hormones and your ability to focus. It’s both your mind and body that’ll aid you in delivering your message well.

Anna Joubert is a cannabis enthusiast and a digital marketer working with New Jersey Cannabis Information Portal. Her main goal is to help reduce the stigma around cannabis in the USA by educating people about the many uses of the plant. She is passionate about cannabinoid medicine and cannabis awareness.