How Property Managers Can Protect Tenants During Holidays

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Holidays come with increased safety and security risks on properties. Property owners should minimize the risks during holidays like Thanksgiving as much as possible.


As the days get colder, so too is the holiday season approaching. Property managers need to ensure the safety and comfort of their tenants during the holidays.

Although the holidays are a fun and exciting time for families to gather around and appreciate close relationships, host dinner parties, and embrace delicious meals, it’s also the time of the year when residential fires and burglary are at their peak.

Property managers should stay on guard and protect residents and the properties they have been entrusted with from such issues that are prevalent during the holidays.

For example, data shows that Thanksgiving is the time of the year when house fires are more frequent than any other day of the year. Most of the time, it’s multi-family homes that are affected by fire breakouts and it occurs during the middle of the day.

As you may have guessed, most of these accidents are related to cooking. Burglary cases are also frequent during Thanksgiving due to residents spending the day away from their homes.

Ensuring the safety of tenants and the security of residential properties is an important task for property managers. As such, preparing early for big holidays such as Thanksgiving is crucial.


Thanksgiving & Holiday Safety Tips for Property Managers


Here are some essential tips for property managers on how to protect tenants and ensure the safety of a real estate property during big holidays like Thanksgiving:

1. Educate Residents About Fire Safety & Risks


Property managers should always warn tenants of all risks in a property to protect them and the residence, particularly when risks are heightened, such as during big holidays.

Remind residents they have the biggest responsibility when it comes to fire safety. Leaving the stove unattended, hanging up flammable decorations, hosting many children at once without someone watching over them at all times, and cooking negligently can all cause a fire breakout.

Property managers can prevent such accidents by emailing renters a list of fire risks and how to prevent them several days or weeks before Thanksgiving and other big holidays. They can also let tenants know how to avoid fire and what safety measures to take.

Cooking is the leading cause of all Thanksgiving-related fires, therefore, warn your tenants about keeping the oven and the stove clean of grease and dust. Also, ask tenants not to leave the kitchen while cooking, avoid using flammable decorations near candles, and leave children unattended if they intend to host a large family dinner.

The kitchen must be well-maintained to avoid fire hazards and other safety risks.

2. Inspect the Property for Hazards

Property managers and property owners have the right to inspect the property as necessary, seasonally or yearly. If seasonal inspections are not included in the lease, you should send your tenants an email about the inspection ahead of time.

Conduct seasonal inspections before Thanksgiving, including checking the oven and the stove and if they work properly. Also inspect the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, because even if your tenants are extremely careful a fire could always start.

A smoke detector will warn your tenants early in case of an accident, and they will be able to take necessary safety precautions on time and avoid the situation escalating. If there are common areas in the house where there are no smoke detectors, make sure to install them.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

3. Provide Fire Extinguishers

The easiest way to put out small fires is by using fire extinguishers. Keeping one or two at a residence will help you avoid escalated hazardous situations.

Make sure to provide your tenants with working fire extinguishers and test them to ensure they are effective. Put them in an easily accessible place where family members can reach them quickly in case of an emergency.

4. Burglar-Proof Your Rental Property

As mentioned above, burglaries usually spike during big holidays like Thanksgiving as residents may celebrate the day away from home, allowing burglars an easier chance to break in.

Burglar-proof and reinforce security measures on the property by installing security systems, alarms, external lighting, ring cameras, etc. This will deter burglars and help prevent damage to the property should criminals attempt to break in.

It is in your best interest to take all the necessary security and safety precautions to prevent incidents of burglary on your property, and thereby keep tenants and their belongings safe.




Big holidays like Thanksgiving are beloved by many people. However, they are also among the most dangerous for families as they gather around and cook multiple meals for the day. Fire hazards and burglaries are rampant and tenants should always be cautious during the holidays.

For property managers and owners, it is advised to take every precaution to guard against accidents and enhance security on your property during the holidays. Inspect the property, warn tenants about dangerous situations, and provide them with necessary safety tools.

Nino Chigoga is a property aficionado and content creator at GoodJuju Marketing. She has an extensive background in property management, small business management, and procurement. Nino currently represents Bridgehaus Property Managers, a property management company based in San Diego.