How to Start Over a New Life You’ve Always Wanted—It’s Never Too Late

Starting over can seem daunting, but it is a rewarding experience. A new life can offer new opportunities, new beginnings, and a chance for growth and development.

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In the world, there are approximately 8 billion people. The majority of those people are on a pursuit for a better, happy life. Yet, many of us fail to realize that the key to a happy and better life for ourselves is not found without, but rather it is found within.

A better, happy life is not merely something to find in others or in the material things that we possess. Rather, it is something that springs from within the core of our being.

The key to a happy and more satisfying life is a choice we make for ourselves that we will see things from a positive outlook and mindset. It is a choice that we will be happy to work with the cards life deals us in order to achieve our goals and dreams.

That choice, fortunately, is within our own control. 

So, if you want to start over a new life and lead a happier, more fulfilling life, you need to make that choice today that you will look within yourself for what makes you happy. You will accept the cards life has dealt you and do the best you can with what you are given or have already—happily.

You may not like the cards you are dealt, but decide you will happily and proactively take all the necessary steps to make a better life a reality for you and those that matter to you. Even if you don't achieve all your goals, you'll be happy you tried and gave it your best shot. You'll have no regrets.


Make the Choice to Be Happy Today


It's never too late to turn over a new leaf and make a positive change in your life. Take the initiative now to start over and create a new, happy, and better life for yourself:


1 - Reflect on your current situation



Reflecting on your current situation is an important step to make the right decisions in your life and to start over and create a new, happier life for yourself.

Look back and think about your relationships, jobs, work, places you have gone, and people who are/were a part of your life. Try to identify when and where you began to feel unhappy and dissatisfied with the different aspects of your life, if at all.

Once you understand where you currently stand in your life, you can formulate a plan, strategy, and solutions to get to where you want to be and remove what takes away your joy in your life.


2 - Shed off negative thoughts and influences


Upon reflecting on your situation, you will be able to identify areas you need to change in order to start over a new life, including any negative thoughts and behavior patterns you may have, as well as any negative people in your life that you need to let go.

You may need help and advice from trusted friends, family, and professionals to process negative thoughts and experiences so you can get back on the path you want—a positive path. Don’t shy away from seeking that help where you need it.

Additionally, schedule regular time for self-reflection and introspection so that you can notice any negative rumination and self-criticism creeping in. Challenge those negative thoughts and put a stop to them early on. There is power in positive thinking.

Keep your mind focused on learning, problem-solving, and growing from every situation you face. All situations (good and bad) are learning opportunities that can lead to growth if handled well. Be positive and grateful for each learning opportunity that comes into your new life going forward. 

Remember, despite what you might think, life does not give anyone more than they can chew. What you are facing is within your capacity to handle and manage, even if you might not feel like it. You are strong—affirm that to yourself every day.



3 - Set clear goals for yourself


Once you have a clear idea of where you are, the new life you want, and you are positive about your prospects, it is time to set clear, measurable goals to help you reach where you want to be in life.

Break down big goals into smaller, achievable, short-term goals and action steps to help you stay motivated and work towards your bigger, long-term goals.

Continually assess and re-evaluate your goals as your circumstances and priorities change so that you keep moving forward and growing in the direction that makes you happy.

Assess your progress regularly, adjust your plans as necessary, and broaden your goals as they are met to keep pushing forward towards a better and more satisfying life.


4 - Embrace change


Change is the only constant in life. As you make positive steps forward in your new life and achieve your short-term and long-term goals, changes are inevitable. Changes are bound to happen.

Embrace the changes that come and that are necessary in your life to reach new heights and to break down barriers that kept you stuck and underperforming in the past, including mental barriers.

Let go of what’s not working and focus on what works. Look for new opportunities that excite you, and don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with new friends and professional networks that will propel you to the next level in life.

Living your best life means taking chances, risking the unknown, and making changes that lead to steady growth and development. Change can be hard, but it can also be the gift that brings a new beginning and expands your horizon. 


5 - Let go of the past


Let go of anything that weighs you down and prevents you from living your best life, including letting go of any mistakes you made in the past. Letting go of past mistakes and forgiving yourself can be difficult, but it is a necessary step in the right direction to start over a new life. 

When you are free from the shackles of your past mistakes, you are able to move forward with a positive self-image, self-love, self-worth, courage, boldness, and stronger sense of purpose for the future, despite any judgements.

It does not matter if you have a criminal record, affirm to yourself: “I will expunge my criminal record, erasing it from public record, or turn things around one way or another.”

If you let go of your past and allow yourself to move forward with courage, confidence, wisdom, and positivity, nothing will be able to stop you from living your best life.


6 - Establish positive routines for sustained success


Establishing positive routines will solidify good habits that propel you to a better, happier, more successful life. This entails establishing routines like regular exercise, eating healthy, going to bed at the same time, and getting quality sleep each night.

Other positive routines include setting aside quality time for work, family, and socializing, reading a book each day, proper grooming, cleanliness, saying positive affirmations, and more.

Be sure to celebrate your progress all through in your new life.