Power of Positive Thinking: Why You Should Choose Positive Thoughts

The power and benefits of positive thoughts cannot be overstated.

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“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” ~ Peace Pilgrim.

Our thoughts are powerful instruments capable of affecting our lives tremendously. One thing you should learn in life is that most times we are merely reflections of what we think about. 

When you spend your time thinking about negative things, problems, discouragements, limitations, and other ills, it sets the tone for a very negative and frustrating life. However, focusing on positive thoughts leads to a more positive outlook on life where you see opportunites everywhere and live a life full of hope and happiness.

Even when it comes to getting things done, when people accept defeat in their minds and thoughts it usually translates to a defeat in reality. Limitations and barriers are often constructs of the mind, a result of our thoughts. 

Thoughts are even powerful enough to affect our relationships with other people. When we are happy and joyful from having positive thoughts, we are more likely to relate positively and empathize well with others. But when we are feeling negative and down from negative thoughts, we are terrible to be around and we tend to make others feel miserable too.  

In her insightful book "Battlefield of the Mind," renowned author and preacher Joyce Meyer attributes the biggest reason for failing and terrible marriages today to negative thoughts on the part of both parties. Thousands of thoughts that people think every day have the power to affect our personal and professional relationships.

You can now begin to see why you need to pay attention to your thoughts, because thoughts can have an outsize effect that reverberates throughout our lives. As Joyce Meyer would say, "You should think about what you are thinking about." 


Benefits and Value of Choosing Positive Thoughts



Positive thoughts can bring some of the biggest benefits in your life. Among the many benefits of positive thinking are:


  1. Good health


“The greatest might that exists in this world is the might of the human mind.” ― Abhijit Naskar, Saint of The Sapiens

Psychologists and health experts have stated that those who have more positive thoughts and outlook to life are more likely to be healthier than others. Negative thoughts birth worry, anxiety and depression. The effect of these on the body include lack of sleep, mental stress, and mental instability. It can also result in lack of concentration. Lack of sleep and mental stress can lead to more serious health issues. Positive thoughts help eradicate all these worries as the body is more relaxed and able to rest.


1. Increased confidence 


One of the effects of negative thoughts is insecurity and lack of confidence. On the other hand, when you are positive about everything, you are definitely going to feel positive about yourself. It also has an effect on how you take on challenges. When you are positive towards your chances in overcoming your challenges, you have increased the sense of confidence in facing them.


2. Happiness 



It is a popular saying that happiness is a choice. It is a choice to think positively and not negatively. It is a choice to see the good in life and not the bad. When you choose the good thoughts, you begin to see that you control your emotions, rather than having the circumstances around you control your emotions.

Relationship experts have stated that the ability to remain happy after a breakup depends on the perspective and thoughts you choose concerning the cause of the breakup. If you blame yourself as a terrible person or partner, you are bound to be miserable. On the other hand, seeing the break up as a move toward new adventures helps your emotion and personality to remain happy.


3. Efficiency and productivity 


“Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.” ― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Several successful people and books on how to be successful all emphasize the importance of always thinking positively and seeing yourself as successful. Even beyond a successful life, positive thoughts affect success in simple and difficult tasks alike. Where in your thoughts, you already expect to fail at a task, success at such a task is very rare.

Furthermore, positive thoughts affect your productivity and efficiency. With a positive mind, you will be able to set goals and achieve them, because in your thoughts, that is exactly what should happen. The professional market is always searching for productive individuals, and with positive thoughts, you can find yourself on their list.


4. Ability to cope under pressure and stress



Positive thoughts will help any individual to perform well under extreme pressure and stress, either at work or at home. In fact, the truth is that people with positive thoughts are far less stressed out than others. This is because rather than creating a pressurizing or challenging situation to get them anxious and frustrated, their thoughts are firmly on the fact that there is a solution and a way out. This makes them the best workers and favorites of their employees, employers, colleagues, family, and friends.


5. Ability to rise from failure and mistakes


One truth about life is that; at one point or the other, there will come failure, error or disappointment. When times like this come, we are always advised to get up and learn from our errors and failures. The truth however is that; getting up from immense failure and disappointments can be very difficult, except we fill our minds with positive thoughts.

Thinking positively while on the ground is what helps us get up on our feet. When we can’t do this, we find ourselves unable to move on from a mistake or failure. For example, in the quest to be a writing pro, it takes positive thinking to continue writing, after several rejections and negative reviews. It takes seeing and thinking the good to overcome the disappointments.




The power of thoughts and importance of choosing good ones is undeniable. Staying positive cannot be emphasized enough because, to a very large extent, everything that a human being becomes depends on their thoughts. Negative thoughts lead to a negative life, positive thoughts precede a positive life. So choose positive thoughts.

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