Most Searched ‘Bathroom Paint’ Is White, But Psychologist Suggests It’s ‘Uninspiring’

While white bathroom paint may be ‘uninspiring’, light greys, blues, and greens can help us feel more assured in ourselves.


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The bathroom is where most people start and finish their day, but how important is the paint color on the walls? Very - according to Shower Enclosure Experts, who partnered with Psychology and Wellbeing Consultant Lee Chambers MSc MBPsS to highlight what paint means when it comes to the powder room.

First, Shower Enclosure Experts used search volume tool Ahrefs to extract the number of times per month people in the UK research different paint shades - from white to purple and metallic. Then, Lee Chambers MSc MBPsS provided  expert commentary on the psychology behind some of the shades ranked. 

It turns out white is the most Googled ‘bathroom paint’ in the UK, but Chambers says it’s ‘uninspiring, particularly for females.’ 

Meanwhile, reds, oranges, and yellows have the power to make us feel energized.

Key findings: 

light greys, blues and greens, can help us feel assured in ourselves

natural materials are grounding, such as metallic, stone and wooden elements

reds, oranges and yellows have the power to make us feel energized.


Most Googled Bathroom Paint Colors and the Color Psychology Behind Them




1. White


The analysis found that ‘white bathroom paint’ ranks top and is searched for in Google over 8,000 times a month [8,400] - almost double the number of searches for ‘blue bathroom paint’ [4,800].

Additionally, experts have claimed Farrow and Ball’s ‘All White’ [No. 2005] to be among the best shades of white paint to choose. It contains no other pigment except for white, creating a soft and sympathetic colour palette. 

But, despite many DIYers opting for white paint, as it's typically viewed as a clean and timeless shade, Lee Chambers notes: 

“An all-white bathroom is very clinical, clean and spacious, but lacks character and can be uninspiring, especially for females, studies have shown.” 


2. Greys and Greens


Following, ‘grey bathroom paint’ and ‘green bathroom paint’ rank in second and third place - with 5,700 and 5,100 searches per month, respectively. Indeed, 

“When it comes to helping us find a calmer moment of serenity in the evening, or as you rush around in the morning, cooler colours that still have vibrant elements, such as light greys, blues and greens, can help us feel assured in ourselves and convey a message that we can handle the day's challenges.”


3. Black


Interestingly, 'black bathroom paint' ranks mid table, with over 1,000 Brits searching for the hue per month. But colour psychologist, Chambers, warns: 

“Dark bathrooms can feel enclosed and uninviting unless the lighting is beneficial, and mirrors are used to create the perception of space.”


4. Metallics


‘Metallic bathroom paint’ ranks last - with 8,380 less [20] Google searches per month than the top colour white. 

Although, according to the analysis, metallics in the bathroom are seemingly unpopular with Brits, Lee Chambers notes it’s worthwhile to consider thinking outside the box and incorporating metallic shades and texture too: 

"Consider patterns and textures; natural materials are grounding, such as metallic, stone and wooden elements, and they can help us to feel more connected to ourselves.”


5. Reds and oranges


Other paint shades ranking low in the table are red and orange [120 and 280 searches per month, respectively]. However, Chambers adds although unusual - a bold shade could be just what your bathroom [and you] needs: 

“If you want to start the day with a stimulating boost, bold shades of warm colours like reds, oranges and yellows have the power to make us feel energised, and this can be incorporated through accessories and decoration on a more muted colour palette if preferred.” 


If you are bold enough to opt for reds, Alan Boswell Landlord Building Insurance recently discovered Farrow and Ball’s ‘Sulking Room Pink’ [No. 295] to be this autumn’s trendiest paint colour, with romantic muted rose hues, it’s supremely versatile.



Average Monthly Google Searches [UK]


White bathroom paint



Grey bathroom paint



Green bathroom paint



Blue bathroom paint



Pink bathroom paint



Black bathroom paint



Purple bathroom paint



Yellow bathroom paint



Brown bathroom paint



Orange bathroom paint



Cream bathroom paint



Red bathroom paint



Metallic bathroom paint


Lee Chambers concludes: 

“The last thing to consider is your colour preferences. If there's a particular shade that you feel expresses you, you have a personal connection, and that is powerful when deciding what colour to use. Just ensure that the colours you choose let you have that moment of peace in a place that feels like home.”