Why You Should Probably Invest in Body Armor

In current tumultuous times, body armor has become more prevalent than ever. And if you work in a high-risk job like a private security guard, jewelry seller, or even journalist, you should probably invest in body armor.


Over the years, ballistic protection has saved thousands of lives as a part of military and law enforcement operations. Gradually, people from different walks of life, particularly ones in the “riskier” professions started using it to guard themselves against potential threats.

In recent times, it has been accepted for mainstream usage, with civilians making use of this form of safety clothing.

If you consider buying body armor as a civilian, the cost factor will be the top concern. But it should matter the least, considering that ballistic protection can make the difference between life and death.


Why It May Be Worth the Investment


Let us highlight some good reasons why this investment in body armor may be worthwhile.


The world is unpredictable and unsafe


With the world becoming more unpredictable and unsafe than ever, personal safety becomes a priority for everyone. You can never be safe enough, with stalkers, robbers, and attackers lurking everywhere. You may expect to be attacked in a shady neighborhood or an unknown city or be dragged in riots, mass shootings, and violence unexpectedly.

Having a bullet proof vest on definitely could make you feel safer and confident every time you step out. It can save you from fatal attacks such as gun shooting and stab incidents if such situations arise, unfortunately.

Even if you have to spend on this protective piece, it is arguably nothing compared to the protection it provides.


Ballistic protection is legitimate


Another valid reason to invest in body armor is that it is completely legitimate to own and wear one. While there are some efforts to restrict or ban civilian possession of body armor in Congress in a bid to prevent it falling into criminal's hands, under current US laws it is legal in all 50 states for law abiding civilians to purchase body armor.

The garment was initially meant for law enforcement personnel, considering they are at high-risk at all times. However, it is legal for civilians to purchase bulletproof vests and plate carriers as a safety product. Unless you are a convicted felon, you shouldn’t face any issues for owning these vests.  

Of course, there may be some restrictions and exceptions in certain states and jurisdictions, so you should check before buying a piece. For example, in Connecticut it is required that purchases are made in person.

If you work in a high-risk job such as that of a journalist, retail store manager, private security guard, or jewelry shop owner, you probably should go ahead and pick one sooner rather than later.


You can shop one online easily and legally


Nothing is more valuable than your safety, so integrating ballistic protection in your wardrobe could be a smart thing to do. Thankfully, you have one more good reason for doing so because you can easily shop body armor online.

Not only do you have the opportunity to explore the extensive range of vests online, but you can also access loads of useful information on their make, material, safety grading, and anything else you would want to know before buying them.

As a better-informed shopper, you will be able to find something perfect that matches your size, requirements, and purpose. Even if you spend quite a bit on the product, there is an assurance that you are spending well.

If the price of a bulletproof vest has you thinking twice before picking one, it isn’t going to be more expensive than your life. This is something you can spend on, especially if it makes you feel protected and confident every time as you step out of the safety of your living space.