Factors to Consider Before Buying a Table Fan

The right table fan for home or office will help you beat the heat without spending too much. But buying one can be tricky.

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Wireless portable table fan. Photo: Aaron Yoo / Flickr.

Table fans are among the most common electric appliances used in homes, offices, and businesses. The gadgets not only provide uniform circulation of air throughout the room, but also boost your air-conditioner's cooling capacity

Table fans are designed to circulate the air in a room, enhancing the evaporation rate of sweat and cooling the body. They are a compact, economical, and energy-efficient method to improve room air circulation, cool down temperatures, and save you from the scorching heat of the sun.

While many of us cannot function without fans in our homes, businesses, or office spaces due to heat in the rooms, buying a table fan can be tricky because of the sheer number of options and features available in the market. 


Six Things to Consider When Buying a Table Fan



Here are some key factors to consider before purchasing a table fan online, all of which may impact price of the cooling appliance.


1. Air Delivery


Air delivery is of utmost importance when purchasing a table fan. It refers to the volume of air the fan moves in a minute.

The air delivery of a table fan directly influences its cooling efficiency. It is measured in CMM (Cubic Meters per minute).

Air delivery of 75 CMM or more is considered good.


2. Fan Speed


The fan speed is one of the most talked-about topics when considering to purchase a table fan. Typically, the fan speed is the capacity of the motor. The more powerful the motor is, the faster it will be able to provide air. Thus, the cooler the room will be.

The speed of the fan is measured in RPM (Revolution Per Minutes). The fan speed plays a significant role in maintaining the temperature of the room.

A special speed ​​regulator feature is also provided in the modern table fans. This helps you control the speed of the air - according to your wish.


3. Oscillation Feature


Many people purchase table fans because of this feature. The oscillating feature is a 180° rotation feature that makes some table fans stand out from the rest.

This 180° rotation feature helps provide uniform distribution of air in every corner of the room. Thus, ensuring a wider reach. It’s something you might want to have in your table fan.

You can even switch off the oscillation mode and enjoy the cool breeze without it.



4. Power Consumption


Power consumption is another major factor that you need to consider before purchasing a table fan. Table fans already use so little power.

However, although table fans are energy-efficient and ensure fewer energy bills, you should still compare different brands to save the more on electricity.

Opt for table fans that consume the lest electricity. Basically, table fans ranging from 55W to 130W are considered energy-efficient and so are a good option.


5. Material


Different brands use different materials to manufacture table fans, ranging from brass to plastic and stainless steel.

Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. Research the pros and cons of each material beforehand - and choose what suits you best.

We recommend you opt for a table fan made from high-grade engineering plastic with aerodynamically designed blades. This ensures high air delivery - and better performance.


6. Weight (for Ease of Portability)


Weight plays a crucial role when it comes to portability of your table fan. Unlike most appliances that are huge and bulky, table fans are lighter in weight.

The lighter the table fan, the easier it will be to carry it from one place to another. With the help of an extension cord, you can even move the fan outdoors.


In Conclusion


Even if you have a tight budget, you should still not base your decision only on the price of a table fan. Pay attention to all the other factors mentioned above to make the best decision.

Also, don’t blindly fall for the allure of unrecognized brands just because they offer the cheapest priced table fans. Instead, look into each product carefully so that you are not hoodwinked.

We’d recommend you go for reputable brands like Luminous that offer quality products at reasonable rates. The good thing with most table fans is they are energy efficient, which means you'll be able to recover the cost of your fan within a short time of purchase.

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