How to Make Your Home the Most Inviting This Season

maia-steel.jpg  Psychological wellbeing practitioner and writer.

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We live in a social world where we get to entertain guests from time to time. In this case, you want your home to look and feel inviting to everyone who pays you a visit.

The holidays are just around the corner, you might find yourself hosting house parties and dinners more often. Besides making your home inviting for others, you also want to spend time in a space that is comfortable and inviting for you and your family.

Thankfully, giving your home an inviting feel doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. With some easy and quick tweaks, you can achieve what you want.

Here are some tips to turn your space into the most inviting.


1. Work on the ulterior


The outside of your home is the first thing guests lay their eyes on when they come to your home. This is what will form the first impression of your home. If the wood siding is old and ugly, people will not expect to find much inside.

Work on the outside of your home for it to match the inside. This way, you will catch the attention of your visitors from the time they lay their eyes on your house.

You can consider touching up the paint on your siding. If it is too old, consider replacing it entirely yourself or by working with a reliable home remodeling contractor.


2. Spruce up the entryway


After seeing the ulterior side of the home, the next in line is the front door and the entryway. Keep this space inviting with a cute welcome mat.

You can also highlight it with some plants on both sides of the door, or on the inside if one can fit. You can also consider hanging a piece of art or mirror. Ensure the space is well lit as well.


3. Add soft textures


Adding soft textures in a home makes a statement of coziness and comfort. You can experiment with smooth wooden furniture layered in plenty of pillows of different colors and sizes. Layer the floor with a fluffy carpet for that soothing effect on the feet.


4. Mind the furniture arrangement


Furniture arrangement goes a long way in setting the vibe in the living room. If you place furniture far apart from each other, it might create an impression that is not welcoming. Bring furniture closer together to create a sense of togetherness.

However, you need to make note of access points. You don’t want to have the guests squeezing through trying to find access to other areas of the home such as the bathroom.


5. Remove clutter


If you have kids, then you have an idea of how it feels stepping on a toy lying on the floor. That feeling can be a put-off for guests especially those without kids. It is also not a good impression of having toys lying around and clutter on top of the tables or seats.

Ensure that you keep your home free of clutter at all times. If your living room doubles up as the play area, stack toys away when not in use.


6. Add plants


Adding plants breathes life to any space, which makes it more inviting. It also creates a comforting and calming effect in the living room. You can experiment with tall leafy plants placed at the corners, or small plants on the shelves, TV stand, or window seals.


7. Add a nice smell


A good-looking space should match up that with a nice smell. A nice fragrance eliminates bad smells and creates the impression of a clean space.

It is also effective in drawing people in and creating an inviting space. You can achieve this with freshly picked flowers or scented candles.


8. Don’t forget other parts of the home


Most people tend to focus more on the living room and forgetting other parts of the house that guests are likely to visit. You should particularly pay attention to the bathroom and the bedrooms in case your guests are staying over for the night.

Ensure that the beds are made with clean beddings and cozy pillows. In addition, ensure that there are enough supplies in the bathrooms- clean towels, soap, toilet paper and the like.




The most exciting part about house décor is letting you think outside the box and be creative. It can be challenging, but you feel accomplished once you achieve what you want.

Hopefully, the above suggestions helps you achieve the most inviting home.

Maia Steel is a psychological wellbeing practitioner, and writer for different websites.