5 Times You Should Consider Re-designing Your Company Logo

Logos are pivotal to your brand image and marketing strategy, and sometimes it’s best to redesign it.


A logo represents your company's image and conveys your brand's message to the public. It should emphasize your company’s strengths, while also reflecting your core business values and mission.

Not only that, your company logo should also be eye-catching and memorable enough to imprint on the viewer's mind and create a lasting impression on your consumers.

Since logos reflect a brand's image and are pivotal to marketing strategies, you can understand why logos are important and may occasionally need to be tweaked to keep up with changes in the company and with industry trends for the brand’s longevity.

So, when exactly is it necessary to re-design your logo and what are good reasons for doing so?


When (and Reasons) to Re-design Your Company Logo


Suppose your company has been around many years, then suddenly an expert suggests you redesign your company’s logo. You and your team may be baffled, but would you do it?

Of course, you shouldn't just do it because some expert has said you change your company's logo, or even if your own team member suggested it on a whim. Instead, before embarking on such a process, check for strong and clear reasons as to why a re-design is necessary.

Here are some solid reasons why (and when) re-designing your company's logo may be necessary and a good idea:


1. Need to Evolve


Companies usually grow gradually, and evolve over time. One of the reasons to re-design your logo is the need to keep the logo in step with your business' evolution and ensure your company stays ahead of the curve. Your logo should help with that.

There are few companies that got their logo right the first time and have maintained that logo all through, such as Nike. Most other companies have had to re-design their logo from time to time to better represent their brand, including McDonald’s, CocaCola, Volkswagen, and others. You may need to re-design your company's logo as well as your brand evolves.

Re-designing a logo is done for the consumers’ sake, too. You don’t want your customers to feel like they are dealing with an outdated product or brand. Instead, you want them to think of your company as fresh and exciting. Your company must be well-tuned and keep in step with current trends.

By doing a logo re-design, you make customers feel like your company is up to date and it shows that your business is evolving and keeping up with the modern world. This is especially important for older companies. Re-designing may be equated to your willingness to change and refuse staleness.  

Additionally, the advent of social media has drastically increased brands’ visibility online, which is another reason to check the approriateness of your logo and adapt to these new media outlets.


2. Business Has Expanded/Changed


You’ve grown from a small company to a larger one, or you want to. For example, Domino’s pizza greatly expanded their services and products. They not only expanded their company, but also updated their menu beyond offering pizzas, which is the star of their serving. 

If your company has gone through such a drastic change in product and services offering, or experienced big growth spurts of some kind, then consider re-desinging your logo accordingly. Why not get that much-needed, fresh new logo re-design to reflect your business's expansion?


3. You Have New Competition


You should never let your guard down. Always strive to stay top of the game in your industry. Sometimes, however, a competitor may arise and bring serious competition. You might suddenly feel dated and stale in the market. In this case, you can stand up tall, refresh your offerings and logo, and fight for your market position.

You may not have thought about how much your logo can help in this kind of situation. Yet, a logo re-design can boost your brand image by showing people you are flexible enough to embrace change, stand up for important values, and you're not rigid and unable to flow with the trends of the time. This makes you worthy of being considered again.


4. Need to Speak to a New Audience


This just means that you’ve opened your doors to target another set of audience in the market. For example, you may have identified a need to establish relationships with young adults and now you are ready to speak to those younger audiences and potential customers directly.

A logo re-design can help you in this area. You just have to design it right and your logo will speak to and connect with the new audience you are targeting, while also maintaining your existing base if needed.


5. Your Brand’s Values/Mission Changed


It is not unusual for a brand’s values and mission to change over time. Your mission and vision can change if your business is growing.

If you find that your company’s characteristics have evolved, you are different from when you started, or you have discovered new worthwhile values and missions for your company, then your logo should reflect these changes as well.


In Conclusion


It is important for a growing company to pay attention to every detail of their brand, be it a minor detail in their product offering or a major logo re-design. If you need design help, there are many experts who can help with logo re-designing for businesses online. Just remember that getting your logo re-design right can be critical to your business’ long-term success.

Allison Lewis is a freelance creative writer. Her experience in digital marketing coupled with an interest in tech entrepreneurship makes her a fine contributor in the field of business and internet marketing. She works with ShieldCoart, a custom metal business signage provider.