Why You Should Continue to Dream BIG in Life

What is your biggest dream?

I’m not talking about the next goal in your career or reaching the sales target this quarter. I am talking about that dream that you’re not comfortable sharing with your closest friends because it seems so impossible that you are afraid people would mock you. Do you have such a dream?

Actually, we all like to dream big and envision ourselves in a future of success and wealth. However, as the years go by and the responsibilities gather on our shoulders, these dreams are further and further away. And, under social pressure, we too start to think our dreams are impossible.

But big dreams wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying when you reach them if the path to them wouldn’t be difficult. Yes, you’ll stumble and fall and yes, you’ll have to start over a few times, but, at the end of the day, you must continue dreaming big if you want to improve yourself, your business and your life.


The Benefits of Dreaming Big



If you feel you’ve lost your way to your dream, below I listed the top 10 reasons why it’s a good thing that you have a dream and why you should stick to it and dare to fail.


1. What We Think, We Become


It may sound silly, but most visionaries understand it. If you are capable of seeing your dream becoming a reality, in time you’ll take the right steps to actually making that dream real. It takes work and dedication, but many successful people started as mere dreamers.

So, if you want to get out of the gutter, you have to believe you can first.


2. You Gain Perspective


Once you start to really believe in your dream, you also learn how to filter your emotions and understand what’s important. You learn the importance of being surrounded by powerful, positive people and the importance of leaving negativity aside.

You also learn the importance of sleep in your life and how you can’t actually fulfill your dreams without getting some quality z’s that will keep both your mind and body healthy.


3. You See Long-term over Short-term


To dream big means to see the world around in a brighter and better place, and to know that this task takes a lot of work to achieve. So, naturally, you’ll start to see the long-term benefits of your dream and stop thinking narrowly from one day to another.


4. You Grow Personally & Professionally


Every dreamer soon learns that the first step towards their goal is action. If you stand still and wait for good things to happen, your dream won’t be anything else. But, if you start sharpening your skills, learning new things and climbing the stairs towards your dream, you’ll grow and become a better person.


5. You Challenge Yourself More


The moment when you realize you broke your old limitations and stepped outside of your comfort zone, you know you’re on the right path. Making dreams come true is all about challenging ourselves to become better and pushing our boundaries to try new things and succeed.


6. You Develop a New You


As you move towards your goal, you’ll develop new habits, new rituals and new perspectives that will help along the way. And these will help shape the new you, better and improved.


7. You Build New Relationships


You shouldn’t try to achieve your dreams by yourself as the support and input of the people we love and respect is extremely helpful. However, as you grow and learn, you’ll meet new people; put together collaborations and relationships that will be just as helpful. 


8. You Take More Action


A wise man once said that we can only achieve our dreams when we’re awake. So, to move towards your dreams, you’ll find you need to become a more action-oriented person. You’ll search for opportunities that will get you closer to your dream.


9. You Get More Opportunities


As you move towards your goals, you’ll see that more and more new opportunities arrive. Actually, the opportunities could have always been there, you just didn’t know you wanted them.


10. You Become an Inspiration to Others


Regardless of whether you’ve reached your dreams or you’re still climbing towards them, the fact that you try and keep strong in your belief will inspire others. You’ll be the reason they want to try as well and fulfill their dreams, and this is extremely fulfilling.

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Jen is an outdoor person who enjoys skiing, hiking and skydiving. She isn't scared to take on new challenges when they come up. Also, she loves to collect comics and go to Comic-Con events. Follow her on Twitter: @jendruwska.