Why Moral Character is the DNA to Success & Happiness

If you think you lack profound morals, then there is nothing to worry about yet as they can still be instilled in you.


“Good people are hard to find.”

At some point or the other, we have all said this in our lives. But do we ever question ourselves if we have the 'good' in us that we look for in the others?

‘Good’ does not have a specific definition. Anyone can be this at any given time.

While global brands compete rigorously for maximizing profits, you may show the ‘good’ in you by opening up an NGO. When people rush for empty seats in crowded buses, show the ‘good’ in you by lending yours to the elderly.

As the world keeps chasing people who could do them some ‘good,’ preserve the ‘good’ in you so that the world understands your value. The ‘good’ that lies within us is defined by our morals. Being ‘good’ from within feels good and ultimately leads to happiness and success.

If you think you lack profound morals, then there is nothing to worry about yet as they can still be instilled in you. Let us take you through the aspects.


Pure intentions & tranquil minds


Good intentions always lead to good deeds. But these good things do not always have to be big and impactful. 

Helping your mother with the house chores, saying your daily prayers, or planting a tree are all good deeds. They may not make you famous or lead to significant changes in your household or the society. But you will be making your spiritual self extremely proud of you. 

Mind you; morals cannot be forcefully instilled in people. They have to come naturally, which is only possible when you intend to become a better person. Good deeds do not always have to be appreciated by everyone. They should also be done for self-satisfaction. Being happy for knowing the positive outcome of your actions soothes your soul. It gives ultimate peace to your mind. That is why people with good intentions always get sound sleep.


Form unbreakable bonds


People who will always be there for you are the right people to stick on to. Pouring your heart out to someone, knowing that every word that falls from your mouth is to be kept intact in their minds feels blissful.

Trustworthiness is an integral quality of virtuous people. Trust is the base of every relationship. And virtuous people never compromise on the base. They can create the strongest bonds and make them last forever.

Gaining one’s trust helps them rely on you in their difficult times and allows you to do the same. Sharing the difficulties of others does make you not only content but also the reason for their happiness.


Diligence & dignity


Principled people are always admired by everyone. Be it in your office or at home, being highly principled always gains you respect and honor. Doing your work the right way without looking for loopholes gives you a sense of responsibility.

Meeting work deadlines and regular attendance in the office helps you win the heart of your boss. It also portrays your dedication and timeliness, helping you get more work. Being principled and focused in the workplace also enables you to obtain the trust of your boss. This could lead them to hand your major tasks, increasing your reputation in the workplace.

A good reputation is the stepping stone of success. Morals do not only make you the right person but also help you become a successful one.


No pressure, only peace


This world is filled with bad people. Unlike the virtuous ones, they can be found easily as they are widely scattered across the globe.

Speaking of success, not all bad people are unsuccessful. There are numerous corrupt people who commit crimes daily.

Corrupt employees may sometimes outweigh the good deeds of their peers. However, they are aware of their sins and are heavily guilt-ridden.

On the contrary, honest people are always relaxed. They are well aware of karma and know that bad can never defeat well. They are the ones who pave their paths of success and gain permanent happiness, unlike their opposites.


Be a trusted leader


Highly principled people have great leadership qualities. This is because they always think right and have the ability to instill their righteousness in the other members of the team. To ensure team success, each member of the team should share the same profound morals of their leader.

A group of people who work hard for a great cause is surely meant to be successful. This may not be achieved by teams with a selfish leader who looks for easy ways to succeed without working hard for it.


Increase & spread the power of virtues


Righteous people are authoritative and filled with confidence. This is because they are clear about their future actions. They do not fear to share it with the others as they know good thoughts always lead to positive outcomes.

Such people greatly motivate the ones around them and help them become better. People with a big heart are always attractive to others. Their strong will and honestly stand up for them, making the others look up to them.


Work for a cause, not applause


Virtuous people are humble and never do good deeds as a publicity stunt. They are true to themselves and the ones around them. Their thought of doing something better for the world, in return for nothing, displays their integrity.

These people never work hard to gain love and respect as they automatically reach out to them. Having a sense of integrity earns one immense respect, which later drives them to do more for the betterment of society and the world.


Flourish on your upstanding venture


Ethical businesses get a lot more attention from consumers. Such businesses treat their workers fairly and buy from suppliers who do not harm the world and its people. These enterprises also take good care of the environment as they limit their pollution levels.

They pay proper taxes and contribute to charitable organizations. They ultimately maintain their corporate social responsibility and win the respect of their consumers. All these qualities help them write their story of success and always keep them ahead of unethical businesses.

If you’re not sure if what you are experiencing is discrimination, you shouldn’t suffer in silence. You should still speak up about what you’re experiencing because even if it were not discrimination by law, you might still be experiencing workplace bullying. 

Workplace environment can affect your happiness and confidences. Workplace bullying can make wanting to go to work every day really difficult and can eventually begin to take a toll on your mental health.

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