4 Tips for the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Skincare Routine

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Small changes in your skincare routine can make a big difference to the environment. It’s not too late to commit to doing your bit to save the planet for future generations.


For many of us, having an evening skincare routine is really important. However, skincare products have a tendency to be extremely damaging to the planet and many still aren’t cruelty free.

We have put together this ultimate eco-friendly evening skincare routine to help you to do your bit for the environment, whilst also protecting your skin. Non-eco-friendly products often also contain damaging or harsh ingredients.

So, get ready to overhaul your evening skincare routine with these eco-friendly tips:


1. Remove Makeup with Reusable Cotton Pads



Some of the most damaging products in your skincare routine are likely to be your makeup wipes and cotton pads, as people can go through two, three or even more each day!

A fantastic alternative is to use reusable cotton pads to remove your makeup and to cleanse your skin. They are soft, easy to use, plastic free, and fantastic for the environment, as well as more cost effective over time.

All you need to do is keep a little bowl or basket in your bathroom and once you have used them, put them into the basket. When you next do a clothes wash, simply put your dirty cotton pads into the washing machine and they will come out nice and clean!

The only thing to avoid is putting them into a white wash, as the makeup could potentially slightly discolor the white clothing. This doesn’t always happen however it's best to be safe. Any dark or color wash would be ideal!


2. Try to Go Packaging Free


The beauty industry is responsible for billions and billions of units of waste each year, and the majority of which is not recycled. The amount of damage that can be caused as a result of this is staggering, so going packaging free and zero waste where possible is key.

Look for companies that reuse and refill their packaging, or opt for packaging that isn’t plastic. This might be a moisturizing bar that comes in compostable packaging or you could go to a zero-waste supermarket and take your own refillable bottles to top up your moisturizer.

There are so many different options that will make your skincare routine much more friendly, so find something that works well for you.


3. Be Cautious with Your Water Usage


Another thing you can do to make your skincare routine more friendly is to be cautious of how much water you are using.

When you leave a tap running, you will be wasting up to six liters of water each minute. If you are washing your face and you leave your tap on every day, twice a day, for a year, you could be wasting 4,368 liters of water!

Turn your tap on to quickly rinse your face, then turn it off again when you are rubbing in the face wash. Finally, turn it back on when you are ready to rinse. Over the course of the year you will save so much water, helping the environment whilst also saving you money in the long run.


4. Avoid Products Containing Palm Oil


Many different skincare products, including those made by some of the biggest brands in the world, use palm oil in their products. Palm oil is one of the leading drivers in the deforestation of the most biodiverse forests in the world, meaning vital habitats for endangered species are being completely destroyed.

Recently, the reality of the damage caused by palm oil has been unearthed, as horrendous amounts of carbon are released into the atmosphere during the process, habitats are destroyed, animals are killed and entire rainforests are being wiped out.

It is essential that you invest in products that don’t contain palm oil. Check the ingredient list to make sure each product does not contain palm oil. Your best chance of finding these products is by shopping with ethical brands, although more and more companies are committing to using less palm oil.

A quick search online will help you find ethical products that will help you to do your bit for the planet. With an eco-friendly skincare routine, you will save money, look beautiful, and be more environmentally friendly!

Daisy Moss is a freelance writer with a passion for the environment and eco-friendly living. She loves green cosmetics, and is working on perfecting her eco-friendly makeup routine! When Daisy isn’t writing, she loves to spend time outdoors.