The Rise and Security Benefits of Fingerprint Door Locks

Protecting your home, business premises, or sensitive areas and cabinets from unauthorized access couldn’t be easier than with biometric fingerprint lock systems.


Security is and has been a major concern for people in both residential and commercial premises. For many years, people struggled a lot with securing their premises to prevent unauthorized access, burglary, and theft of their belongings. 

However, with the growth of technology, new and innovative security solutions have emerged. It is now easier than ever before to secure one's property and valuables without too much hassle and effort. 

Today, there's a wide range of technology solutions that are incorporated into premises for security purposes, including smart alarm systems and home biometrics for security. One innovative and notable invention related to biometrics is the fingerprint door lock.

The fingerprint door lock allows only authorized persons to access a residential or commercial property through the recognition of their fingerprints. Installing fingerprint door locks on your premises can be beneficial in many ways.


Benefits of Fingerprint Door Locks 



Some of the many benefits of the best fingerprint door lock in Singapore, China, India, USA, Canada, UK, or wherever else you may reside include:


1. Increased security


The typical lock and key system presents many vulnerabilities, including key duplication or lock destruction. When this happens, unauthorized persons can gain easy access to premises and it's possible to lose one's valuables. However, fingerprint door lock systems increase security on premises.

With a fingerprint door lock, you'll be assured of maximum security on your premises because these digital biometric locks won’t open unless authorized fingerprints are provided. This gives you a lot of peace of mind because you know that nobody else has similar fingerprints to yours.

In fact, according to a survey by the University of North Carolina (Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology), 60% of convicted burglars said that they will target another home if they discover a security system in the house they are trying to rob.


2. Controls access


Nobody wants other people to enter their premises whenever they feel like it due for privacy and security reasons. Installing a fingerprint door lock system will give you a lot of control on who enters or leaves your premises.

Even if you were to host some guests on your premises, you'll be the one granting them access, making it easier for you to know who came into your premises and the rooms they got access to.

If you're not at home or office, you can also protect sensitive areas like gun safes and liquor cabinets from unauthorized access with fingerprint door locks. Nobody will be able to access the sensitive areas and your premises until you're back.


3. Cost-effective


The initial installation cost of a fingerprint door lock system is relatively higher, but it can last for many years than the typical lock and key system which is vulnerable to wear and tear over time.

The biometric fingerprint lock system is, therefore, cost-effective in the long run, since you'll rarely make replacements compared to the traditional lock and key system.


4. More secure


The lock and key system is less secure and presents many risks, including misplaced, lost, or duplicated keys. With this traditional system, you must always be keen on where the keys are. Losing the keys can turn out to be costly since you'll probably have to replace the entire locks with new ones to prevent unauthorized access to your premises.

However, when you install fingerprint door locks, those risks are removed and you won't have to worry about misplaced, lost, or duplicated keys. Only your fingerprint is required to gain access to either your home or office, and your fingerprint (the key) is right there with you always.


5. Saves time opening and locking doors


A fingerprint door lock saves time opening doors compared to the traditional lock and key system. If you're late for work, you'll not spend much time sifting through keys to open and lock your doors.

With fingerprint door locks, you don’t even have to worry about forgetting to lock some doors in your premises and giving intruders unauthorized access.

In office settings, biometric locks enable quick movement of staff between departments, thus boosting efficiency and productivity.


In Conclusion


Whether you want to protect you home, business premises, or sensitive areas and cabinets from unauthorized access, fingerprint locks are an effective solution.

Instead of risking your valuables and security, you can always invest in the biometric lock system and avoid the hustle and risks of using the less secure traditional lock and key system.