Nudge Theory Examples to Reach Your Life, Career, and Savings Goals

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Throughout life, you most likely are going to be faced with tasks and situations you don’t necessarily like. You may be able to push them off for a little while, but you will end up having to push through each roadblock to reach success. Not to mention, most things in life are those that come from a lot of hard work and dedication.

Yet, adding little nudges into your everyday routine could help you reach your biggest goals. For instance, back when you were little, if a family member told you that you’d get ice cream after swimming lessons, you would do it without a question. You may even find going to practice easier than it was before.

You may just need an extra nudge to help you achieve your goals.


1. Swap Out Your Dishes


It’s sometimes hard to dictate how much your grocery budget should be. Or whether you really need as much food as you’re currently taking. Instead of filling up a large bowl or plate with all of your favorite meals, consider using smaller dishes instead.


2. Make Recycling Fun


You may not want to have to sort through your recycled waste, or even take it out at the end of the week — but when you make it a game, it could be another story. Cut out free printable basketball hoops of the internet and tape one above your recycling bin. When you and your loved ones are done with a plastic bottle, shoot and see who scores.


3. Take the Long Way


Even though working out may not be as interesting as other tasks and activities, it’s good for your overall health and wellbeing. To get your steps in and foster a little competition, add calories counts to your stairs, or even furniture in your living space. Motivation may be sparked every time you see how much you could burn just by taking a few steps.


4. Get Motivated


You most likely have goals, small and big. To stay in touch with them, add reminders throughout your work and living space. Write out your favorite quotes on sticky notes and stick them to your bathroom mirror, work station, or even throughout your planner.


5. Inspire Healthy Competition


There’s nothing like having a healthy competition. Ask your friends or family to participate in no spend challenges, workout challenges, or even book clubs to keep you more accountable. If you want to set the bar higher, pair these challenges with a reward to keep you motivated to win.


6. Prepare for Unwanted Tasks


Sometimes we push off tasks that we really don’t want to complete, even though we have to. Instead of pushing off your daily workouts, add them to your calendar. That way you already made time for it and you’re more inclined to keep yourself accountable for showing up.


7. Be Thankful for What You Do Have


Sit down every morning and write out five things you’re grateful for. That could be your morning brew or your office workstation that provides you the tools for success. You may find yourself discovering a new love for things you already had — cutting down on your “extras” budget.


8. Automate What You Can


With new technology, apps, and websites coming out every day, it’s a perfect way to get out of the box and automate things you hate to do. If you hate sticking to a budget, download an app that does it all for you.


9. Hit Snooze on Your Spending Habits


With new fashion and lifestyle trends always arising, it can be hard to stray away from purchasing things you don’t necessarily need. While you’re about to make a purchase re-evaluate your financial goals to cut potential overspending.


Setting Up Life, Career, and Savings Nudges for Success - Infographic


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