How LED Digital Signage Can Help You in Your Business

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Times Square, featured with Broadway Theaters and animated LED signs. Photo: George Hodan.

With technology advancing at a rapid rate in our tech-driven world, it has had a big influenced on our lives in every aspect. From purchasing luxury things to making the most critical decisions in our lives, technology and tech devices have been on the forefront of making our lives better.

Still not convinced? Let’s take a closer look at an example.

A person is walking down the street on a sunny day and is sweating badly. While passing by, he notices digital signage outside a store that displays a chilling drink that can alleviate the summer heat. What’s the next thing the person will do? Most likely walk into the store and buy that drink!

This is an example of the power of LED digital signage for marketing that businesses adopt nowadays to grab the customer’s attention and increase conversions.


Business Benefits of LED Displays


Nowadays, businesses are investing in LED panels to showcase their services in an appealing and attractive way, and also to keep themselves ahead of the race.

LED signage is no longer a luxurious preserve that only big brands can afford, even startups and SMBs draw the benefits of digital signage and drive the maximum benefits this tech trend offers. 

Similarly, digital signage is not limited to specific business sectors only; rather it has a wider reach for the majority of businesses, including healthcare, education, fitness centers, stadiums, malls, and retail.


Uses of LED Digital Signage in Different Sectors


Let’s understand how different business sectors can benefit from digital signage:


1. Museum Experience


At museums, LED displays are mounted at numerous corners, at entrance areas, and the most visited spots. Visitors are often captivated by the large screens, featuring 5D images with full HD view. This keeps them informed about your products or services throughout their journey through the museum.

Welcoming Visitors: Whenever a visitor reaches the museum, the first impression you can set in their mind can be welcoming them in an eye-catching way. At the entry points of the museum, you can add LED display boards with welcoming notes for the visitors to have a positive image of your brand.

Wayfinding: Since museums have several places for visitors to go through, visitors can get lost on their way and have to ask other people for directions. You can add branded LED displays to direct visitor through different sections and keep them informed about the right directions.

Upcoming Events: On the digital signage, you can even display a few facts, information about upcoming events, activities, and other things so as to make the visitor stay informed and have a memorable experience.



2. Gyms and Fitness Centers


Are you fed up with the boring, worn-out and uninspiring banners in your gym and are looking for something more appealing as an alternative? Installing digital signage at your gyms can be an ideal approach to keep your gym members and people informed and motivated.

Safety and guidance: Some people who recently join a gym don’t have enough knowledge of the machines and appropriate exercises routines. In this case, you can cue them in by adding digital signage that displays videos of proper steps to carry out during exercises and guide them on how to use the different machines in the gym.

Updates: So that people can go through maximum workouts and don’t feel stressed out, you can add digital signage that displays interesting or surprising facts, diet plans, fun activities, or even upcoming events in your fitness center that they might be interested in.


3. Parking Lot


If you are finding it difficult to manage your parking lots during peak hours and weekends, say at your business premises, digital signage can come in hand to cater to all your problems and manage the traffic effectively. It will not only ease the operations for you, but also offer a pleasing experience to the customers as well.

Directing the Way: In many cases, direction signs at parking lots marked on the ground are usually faded out and are not clearly visible from a vehicle coming from a far. Deploying digital signage at suitable spots can help you keep people informed and guide them in the right direction. 

Informing People: Also, sharing information about speed limits, parking slot availability and other such details can be effectively done via digital signage. This reduces the need for hiring a workforce to direct vehicles and it offers a hassle-free process to people who are entering the parking areas.


4. Restaurants & Hotels


Since competition is very stiff in the food industry, it’s a bit naïve to expect customers to keep flowing in when you still rely on traditional marketing methods. However, when you use digital signages, it lets you showcase your offerings in a more modern and appealing way that draw customers in.

Digital Menu: Paper menus have become outdated these days and restaurant owners are saving paper costs while switching to digital signage. You can present the menu items in an attractive way via digital signage and present a visually more appealing version of the food items available at your restaurants.

Guide People: In hotels, digital signage can also be installed to deliver and present the necessary information in an eye-catching manner, say about the swimming pool directions, bar, dining area, reception, and other important spots.



5. Malls & Shopping Centers


Shopping centers are the places where you can easily target a wider audience, but only if you have the right set of marketing tools. Investing in digital signage helps you promote your brand, store, products, services, and keep people visiting malls informed throughout their journey at the shopping centers.

Brand Promotion: Advertisements are no longer posted only over traditional billboards and banners; rather digital signage is arguably the best approach to promote brands and recently opened stores in malls. 

Grab Audience Attention: At events, festivals and festive seasons, malls can be ideal places to place digital signage at multiple strategic spots to gain the attention of visitors and keep them informed about your upcoming events, offers, and other discounts available at the stores.


6. Education Industry


Schools and universities are advancing every day in terms of technology adoption. Digital signage not only informs and uplifts students experience, but also eases some of the hustle and burden of the school administration communicating timely messages to those in the educational institution.

Student experience: New students can be kept informed about the directions to the library, canteen, staff room, reception, and other important places so that they don’t get lost on their first day at school.

Informing parents: During admission sessions, digital signage can be used to guide visitors and parents right from the main gate to the reception—keeping everyone well informed about the necessary details they’re may need like admission process, fee structure, school prospectus, and so on.


Wrap Up


In today’s world, digital signage has become an invaluable tool to include in your marketing and communication arsenal. It can even boost your business presence in the market.

Digital signage enables you to improve the customer experience, popularize your brand, and grab the customers attention with a smarter and more effortless approach.

If your business is still struggling with traditional marketing methods, it’s high time that you deploy digital signage for your business today. It will help you take your business to new heights.

Michal Federed is an editor with The Led Studio from the past 5 years. His passion for words and technology reflects in his contributions to numerous tech blogs and news features as a guest author. Michal likes to stay informed about technological innovations and their disruptions across all walks of life.