15 Practical Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs They'll Love

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Give these awesome gifts to the entrepreneur in your life and you will make their day, while also contributing in a small way to their success.

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Entrepreneurs are built to think in terms of value. The best gift ideas for entrepreneurs help further their entrepreneurial journey in some way.

It might be something indirect like an inspirational wall art, or something more direct like a business book or coaching session. Whatever it is, the right gift will motivate them and make their day.

When picking a gift for an entrepreneur, take some time to consider what they actually want. If it is a friend or colleague, ask them in a nice way what they would really like as an entrepreneur so you can give them a gift they want and will use.

Also, try to understand their business and what they want to accomplish. This can point you in the right direction to pick the best gift for the said entrepreneur in your life.

Moreover, where possible, make it personal for the entrepreneur. It's usually best to avoid stock and cliché gifts. Instead, opt for something that is meant exclusively for that person, be it a handwritten note or a custom-made/custom-branded gift item.


Best Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs



The gift ideas for entrepreneurs we cover below are practical and thoughtful that are sure to make their day. They are also not obvious or cliché gifts for an entrepreneur you care about.

Give these cool, unique, and practical gifts to the entrepreneur in your life and you will not only make their day, but also contribute in a small way to their success:


1 - Inspirational Wall Art


Most entrepreneurs have a handful of famous people who inspire them. Find out who these inspirations are and look up some popular quotes from them.

While you can find inspirational wall art at any home decoration store, they are often bland and generic. Look at places like Etsy to find more personalized options.


You may even get them inspirational murals to hung on a wall, if you want to go the extra mile, as well.


2 - Waterproof Shower Idea Whiteboard or Notepad


Have you ever heard the entrepreneur in your life say their best ideas come to them in the shower? Get them a waterproof whiteboard or notepad so they can write them down.

This is a great gift idea because it is cheap, but also provides a unique value.



3 - Extra Laptop Charger


Entrepreneurs who travel a lot tend to go through things like laptop chargers faster than the average person. They have a higher chance of leaving these important things behind in hotel rooms or airports.

A backup charger is an easy gift that the entrepreneur in your life will highly appreciate once they need it.



4 - Portable Charger Power Bank


This is another great gift idea for the entrepreneur on the go. Sometimes they are working where they don’t have access to an outlet.

Opt for a portable brick charger that offers a good amount of power.



5 - Books on Entrepreneurship


The most successful entrepreneurs are always trying to grow. There are countless books on entrepreneurship, some new and some business classics, that make excellent gifts.

You can make this gift even more special if the entrepreneur in your life has a particular entrepreneurial author that they admire.



6- Desk Organizer


Organization is a key part of running a business. A desk organizer keeps all of an entrepreneur’s office essentials in one place.

There are a ton of different options you can go with here, including plastic pencil holders, wooden laptop holders, and steel table file organizers.



7 - Large Whiteboard


A whiteboard is a must-have for any entrepreneur. They can use it to remind themselves of important meetings or to map out business ideas.

Look for a whiteboard with a cork border. This allows the entrepreneur in your life to pin notepad pages to their board without taking up marker space.



8 - Standing Desk


An entrepreneur’s brain is constantly moving, but their bodies often aren’t. Sitting for that many hours a week can cause health problems.

Standing desks allow for the user to comfortably work while standing up. They are adjustable to fit people of any height.



9 - Leather Cased Notebook and Pen


Entrepreneurs are always thinking. A good notebook and pen is a crucial part of any entrepreneur’s toolkit.

Moleskine is a popular notebook brand, but there are several other high-quality brands to choose from.

You could even pair this gift idea with a personalized fountain pen. It will make them think of you any time they have to sign an important document.



10 - Business Card Holder or Small Pouch Bag


This seems like something an entrepreneur would already have, but it is an easy item to overlook. Many just carry them in their wallet or have them stuffed into a pocket of their briefcase or pouches.

A business card makes the entrepreneur in your life look more professional and keeps them organized. You can even personalize it for that extra special effect.



11 – Foldable, Pocketable Bluetooth Keyboard


A foldable Bluetooth keyboard is another great gift idea for the mobile entrepreneur. This allows them to set up to work with their tablet or smartphone as if they were at a laptop or computer.

The best part is it is able to be stored easily in whatever bag they already use to carry their technology.



12 - Hatch Idea Planner


The Hatch notebook is a planner designed specifically for entrepreneurs. Its main purpose is to help business owners get their ideas down, decide which ones are worth pursuing, and then creating a plan of action.

The notebook is broken down into three sections, which are conceive, incubate, and hatch. This system will help the entrepreneur in your life get their best ideas off the ground.



13 - Smartphone Tripod


Video content is huge these days, especially on social media. So many entrepreneurs don’t make video because they think they don’t have the equipment. The reality is all they need is their smartphone.

A smartphone tripod functions exactly like a traditional tripod. It holds their smartphone so they can speak into the camera rather than holding it in a selfie position.



14 - Washable Keyboard


Everyone’s worst fear is spilling coffee on their laptop and ruining hundreds of dollars’ worth of technology.

A washable keyboard keeps that from ever being an issue, and it’s not something many people know even exists.



15 - Leadership Coaching Session


The final gift idea for entrepreneurs on this list is something really special.

Gifting the entrepreneur in your life a leadership coaching session is the biggest possible impact you could have on their success.

They will learn more in one hour with an experienced coach than 50 hours of personal business experience.



Now that you have all of these great gift ideas for entrepreneurs, your holiday shopping should be a breeze! Let us know about any other cool gift ideas you have in the comments below.

Brett Pucino is a writer with a decade of experience in the content world. He is currently the Director of Publishing at Titanium Success - a coaching firm owned by Arman Sadeghi that specializes in both virtual and in-person leadership coaching.