Key Features (& Benefits) of the Best Shopify Store Themes

The best Shopify store theme not only helps you stand out from the crowd, but also offers other key benefits for your online store.

Key Features (& Benefits) of The Best Shopify Store Themes

With so many other sellers selling the same products as you, your primary objective is to stand out from your competition. Of course, you also want to get the lion’s share of the market to make more sales and increase your revenues and conversions.

A way to get this done is by choosing an excellent, high quality Shopify store theme that allows you to provide your clients a pleasant and seamless shopping experience.

But how do you identify a good and superior Shopify theme for your e-commerce business?


Top Features of the Best Shopify Store Themes


Here’re some important factors to check in order to identify the best Shopify theme, along with reasons why choosing a superior, high quality Shopify theme is beneficial:


#1. The Best Shopify Theme Allows Easy Page Customization


The moment your clients land on your page, you want them to immediately know who you are and what you are about. To achieve this objective, you'll want to be able to customize your landing page with images, colors, and more that uniquely represent and distinguish your brand.

When users get to your landing page, your web page design must be immediately identifiable with your core branding. And, of course, you want your web page visitors to stay glued on your site.

Since web users have low attention spans, you have to create a beautiful, appealing homepage and product pages that catch their eye immediately and makes them want to explore your store.

The best Shopify theme should be easily customizable and intuitive enough to allow you to get all that done seamlessly, even if you are not tech oriented.


#2. The Best Shopify Theme Allows Mobile Customization



With almost everyone now owning a mobile device, you need to incorporate mobile customization in your Shopify store. This means your website should adjust well to the various screen sizes of mobile devices.

No matter the size of the smartphone or tablet, or whether it is landscape or portrait view, your e-store should still look amazing, organized, and functional on mobile devices.

The best Shopify theme will help you make this happen. Even if you don’t have any coding or programming background, a good Shopify theme will allow you to easily optimized your e-store for mobile use with only a few clicks.

After all, most people prefer to browse the internet and shop online in today's digital world!


#3. The Best Shopify Theme Provides Amazing Support


Even if you read the theme's manual or attend online workshops on how to use your store theme, you can still encounter problems along the way. During these harrowing instances, you want your issues to be resolved as fast as possible.

As a business owner, you want to avoid any downtime or minimize it as much as possible, because this equates to lost clients and diminished profits. As such, ensure that the theme you are buying or using comes with amazing customer support.

Test to see if you can easily chat, email, or speak with your theme’s support team for prior reassurance should you ever encounter problems. They should be able to respond fast and work with you to come up with quick solutions for seamless business operations.


#4. The Best Shopify Theme Offers Fast Page Loading Speed


Although this element may seem minor, you’d be amazed to know your clients will swiftly leave your site if your page takes too long to load, despite acknowledging they love what you offer.

Everyone is now used to fast solutions, immediate action, and instant gratifications. Fail to give them that on your online store and they’ll quickly leave for a faster and better experience elsewhere.

The best website theme is, therefore, optimized for speed. This ensures that your e-commerce store will take no longer than a few seconds to load (ideally, less than 3 seconds to fully load).

People dislike waiting, and they are turned off by buffering. If customers are looking for items, they want to find it fast. If they can’t do this immediately on your e-store, they will take their business elsewhere.


#5. The Best Shopify Theme is Affordable


Some Shopify themes are very expensive. However, themes like eCom Turbo, with all their bells and whistles, are surprisingly affordable. And many affordable themes also have all the crucial features you need to run your e-commerce site seamlessly.

If you want to generate more leads, amplify your conversion rate, and maximize your profits, you'll want to find a theme that does not break the bank, but still offers high quality features you need to run your e-commerce site seamlessly.

A high quality, optimized e-commerce theme that is affordable and offers, say, a free lifetime access to a drop-shipping course will give you more value for your money and help you grow your business faster.

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