Desigual Teams Up with MishiPay to Test Mobile Self-Checkout Shopping in Spain

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The mobile self-checkout shopping experience in physical stores continues to grow, as international fashion retailer Desigual deploys and expands MishiPay’s Pay & Go technology in stores across Barcelona and Madrid.


MishiPay Scan, Pay & Go technology.

Desigual, an international fashion company founded in 1984, has announced it is deploying MishiPay, a mobile Scan & Go technology for shopping in physical shops, in stores across Barcelona and Madrid.

MishiPay empowers shoppers to scan and pay for their shopping with their smartphones, rather than wasting time queuing at the checkout, transferring the immediacy of the online experience to the real world.

The mobile self-checkout technology enables shoppers to scan the barcode of products and pay via their mobile phone, eliminating the need to visit a checkout.


Consumers are increasingly digital 


According to data from 2020, more than half of online sales on Desigual's retail website are made via mobile or tablet, and 75% of traffic comes from a mobile device.

The retail company currently has more than 2,700 employees and is present in 107 countries through 10 sales channels, 438 mono-brand shops and six product categories: Woman, Man, Kids, Accessories, Shoes and Sport.

For those consumers who prioritize speed and privacy during the checkout process, this new technology deployed by Desigual enables a contactless shopping experience complete with secure, convenient payment methods.

Javier Fernández, head of Desigual's Technological Innovation area, explained:

"The trend in this type of solution is to offer new payment options and facilitate shopping in a different way, frictionless and with greater autonomy, also in physical establishments.


We want to respond to the needs of all types of consumers, regardless of the channel in which they shop, which is why we are committed to looking to the future and offering our customers an innovative omnichannel shopping experience, 100% Desigual."

This new solution is being tested in 5 stores in Madrid and Barcelona. Customers can download the application or access the web app once they are in the shop and move freely by scanning the barcodes of the garments they select.


Meeting the changing needs of shoppers


Following the pandemic, the expectations and behavior of brick-and-mortar shoppers has changed. According to research conducted by MishiPay, 45% of shoppers are now less likely to enter a store if they need to wait in line to pay.

By implementing MishiPay, Desigual have taken steps to create autonomous shopping experiences for their customers, reducing the need for interaction with staff and eliminating the need to touch store hardware. 

Mustafa Khanwala, founder and CEO of MishiPay, said:

"We are proud to be launching our technology with Desigual, a brand that constantly innovate and seek new ways to delight their shoppers.


We are excited to see the impact our technology can have in transforming the in-store experience for Desigual’s shoppers whilst simultaneously enabling increased operational efficiency."

Thanks to the skills of MishiPay's technical team and their carefully curated list of partners, MishiPay are able to integrate quickly and cost-effectively into retailers’ existing systems without the need for any additional hardware, making it possible for both shops and shoppers to benefit from the best of the online and in-store worlds.

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