Alternative Treatments: The Ailments a Chiropractor Can Help Treat

Chiropractors now treat many different medical disorders, aches, and pains for both adults and children.


Every year, over 35 million Americans are treated by chiropractors for different mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially of the spine. It is no wonder that the chiropractic industry is now estimated to be worth about $15 billion.

Considered a effective way to treat joints, muscles, neck, and back pains, the chiropractic practice has helped many people regain their overall health and function as optimally as possible. It has also helped people reduce their pharmaceutical costs by as much as 85%.

Chiropractic is based on several pseudoscientific ideas with esoteric origins. The main idea and approach, however, is to remove disorders in the body structure so that stresses on the body’s nervous system can be alleviated and the general health of the body restored.

Chiropractic treatment entails using spinal manipulations and adjustments to relieve pain in joints and muscles, as well as cure other neuromusculoskeletal system disorders. These disorders can impact a person's health and hinder you from carrying out your day-to-day activities.

Chiropractors approach the relationship between the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and the spine and its structure to diagnos, treat, and prevent a wide range of ailments and body discomforts. 

With skillful spinal adjustments, chiropractors are able to help increase blood flow and nerve conductivity to the body’s joints and muscles that are experiencing pain, thus bringing relief.

You may still wonder how effective the treatment really is, or specifically what conditions do chiropractors treat, and do they help? Many people report getting tremendous relief from aches and pains after visiting a chiropractor and getting chiropractic care. 

Studies also corroborate spinal manipulation is effective for alleviating various conditions and body pains.


Top Conditions Chiropractors Treat



Here are five examples of the conditions chiropractors treat, and a discussion on the effectiveness of the service these health care professionals provide.


1. Sports Injury


Chiropractors treat various sports injuries each year using the following options:

  • Joint mobilization and manipulation
  • Exercise and physical therapy
  • Soft tissue mobilization through manipulation
  • Self-exercise at home and lifestyle modification

These treatments, along with lifestyle adjustments go a long way in curing sports injuries and can also act as preventive measures to avoid further damages.


2. Back Pain


This is one of the most common complaint chiropractors are approached to treat. And reports show chiropractic treatment is up to 40% more effective than other treatments for back pain. 

About 46% of patients who visit chiropractors for lower back pain are aged 45-64 years. Manipulation of the spine and massages helps to provide long-term relief from lower back pain. 

While chiro treatments and regular exercise can help significantly reduce and prevent further back pain, drug therapy isoften reported to bring lower or limited benefits for this issue.


3. Neck Pain


Another common ailment chiropractors treat is neck pain. According to one study, spinal manipulation was found to be effective for acute and subacute neck pain. Patients reported that their neck disability index scores reduced by 70% in intensity and flexibility.

COVID-19 restrictions led to about 92% of chiropractors saying that their patients' back and neck pain increased significantly due to lack of treatment. 

Patients using chiropractic complementary and alternative physical therapy treatments reported the treatment to be far more effective in relieving neck pain.


4. Headaches


Too much strain on the nervous system can cause frequent headaches, which medicines can only reduce but not treat effectively. 

Chiropractors use spinal manipulation to provide relief from recurring migraine and cervicogenic headaches, even in children. By removing the pressure from the nerves, a headache can be relieved immediately, and regular sessions can help eliminate them entirely.

Sometimes, the headache can percolate downwards to the neck and back, causing high levels of discomfort. You can usechiro treatment as an alternative and complementary treatment for the headaches rather than solely relying on drugs and medicines.


5. Autism Spectrum Disorder


Pharmaceutical treatment for autism spectrum disorder does not lead to many positive results. Thus, chiropractic treatment is increasingly becoming a popular and effective alternative. 

Chiropractic treatments involving spinal adjustments can help improve the deficits in verbal and non-verbal relationships and lacking social interactions. 

Removing interferences from the central nervous system can result in better speech and coordinated movements.

Chiropractic is effective for treating adult conditions and several ailments among children as well. So, consult a chiropractor to treat any number of health concerns through this non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical therapy.