10 Fundamental Tips to Make Blogging a Successful Business Venture


Many people do not know how to start a successful business online, especially when it comes to blogging.

Blogging can be a very lucrative business opportunity, because of the possibility of high returns and low upfront costs. Generally, the main thing you need to do in your blogging business is publish great blog posts and articles, promote them and generate some earnings doing so.

While this may sound easy, you need to do a number of things right to succeed at blogging.


How to Succeed in the Blogging Business


Here are top ten quick pieces of advice you need to keep in mind always to make blogging a successful business venture:


1. Pick a niche that interests you.


If you blog in a niche that brings great profit and you are not interested in it, you may not be as successful or able to remain active in it for long. So, do not start a blog on technology just because it brings in a huge profit when you actually have a greater interest in finance. A niche you are passionate about is more likely to be more sustainable in the long run for you.


2. Go supper niche


Let’s say you can begin blogging about finance. In this case, you can go supper niche by focusing on a sub-niche of your chosen niche, such as focusing specifically on tips for saving money. This could leave you a smaller audience, but the results will be great, akin to how free spins no deposit casinos work.


3. Focus more on quality than quantity.


Quantity is important, but not if the quality of content you produce is low.

You can publish less than twenty articles in your first year of blogging but if they are of truly high quality, you will be able to generate good traffic and revenue than if you produced a hundred low quality content.


4. Understand SEO


Know basic SEO skills will be helpful if you are producing high-quality blogs. If you use keywords properly, you will be able to drive more traffic to your website from search engines like Google.


5. Promote on social media.


Social media platforms are valuable when it comes to marketing and promoting your blogging business. You don’t need to spend money promoting your business there, although social media advertisements are also very effective for growing your business.

So, ensure you are active on the leading social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, linkedIn and other social media platform.


6. Set blogging goals.


Creating a successful business plan and writing down your goals is very important, even in the blogging business. So, set goals and stay totally committed to them.

For instance, you can set 3 months, 6 months or a one-year goals. The goals may include growing revenue percentage, finding out what people want to read, generating traffic, and so on.


7. Bring more value to readers.


In every business, one must add value to customers. If what you write does no benefit readers in any way, you are wasting your time blogging. Add value to readers lives with the content you produce. Survey them where possible to know how and where you can add value.

Also, read the comments readers leave to know whether they are happy with your work or not. And be sure to read successful business stories from other bloggers to draw inspiration and learn how to best add value blogging.


8. Be honest always.


There are unscrupulous people who strive to make lots of quick money in the blogging world by making false promises and selling inferior products. Do not be one of them because you will end up losing your readers and customers, and damage your reputation. You may even find yourself on the wrong side of the law and face heavy legal fines or even jail time  

Be honest and authentic in your blogging business. It will take you further. If, for example, you earn revenue blogging by promoting affiliate products, tell the truth when reviewing affiliate products or informing readers why they need (or should be careful) with the products.

This way you will be more credible, and the products, services and advice you recommend will be taken seriously and followed.


9. Avoid copying others.


Just stick to your style and write as if you are talking to someone you know.

If you have a cool and collected personality, be true to yourself and write in that manner. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself trying to, say, be funny in your writing like some other blogger when that is not who you are.

Study and learn from other successful bloggers, replicating some of their best blogging tricks and strategies, but don’t go overboard and try to be exactly like them. It won’t work in the long run.  


10. Pay it forward.


Do something kind to other bloggers. Give even before your get. For example, help new bloggers get more traffic to their website even if they are not in a position to pay you.

If you assist others without expecting them to pay you, you build strong relationships and more people will be likely to assist you as well on your blogging journey. As the adage says, "what goes around, comes around."


These are some of the most basic and fundamental steps you can take to establish a successful blogging business. Be consistent, patient and persistent in your business.

Apply the above tips and you will get good results.

Kaya Johnson is a 39-year-old interpreter and a freelance writer from the United Kingdom, Yorkshire. She enjoys traveling and writing articles for various online platforms.