Why Java Is a Great Career Option for Creative Types

Java is everywhere in the web design and development world. Generally, this programming language is used to create server applications for financial services, web applications, embedded systems, big data, for writing Android programs and scientific applications.

Since Android applications are built with Java, and Android is the no. 1 mobile platform in the world with 88% of smartphones using it, Java remains the most in-demand programming language in the world at the moment. As a Java software developer or programmer, you can find work quite easily, or work as a freelancer and earn competitive income.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Java is projected to grow at a rate of 19% for all application programming languages for the period 2014-2024. You can earn up to $103,560 per year or $49.79 per hour as a software developer, going by 2017 median pay estimates.

The career prospects for Java programmers and developers are indeed excellent.


Top Reasons to Consider Java as a Career Option



Many creative people are considering Java as a career option. Let's understand why in detail:


1. Java is simple and easier to learn


What do you mean by "simple programming language?"

Generally, it means two things. First, it is easier to learn. Even those people who know nothing about programming can easily learn it.

Secondly, it is effective in solving various tasks. You must always keep in mind that learning Java is quite simple and it helps you to deal with most problems in web design and development.

In the first stage, there are other languages that are also easy to learn. For example, Python. It has a concise and understandable syntax. Pascal / Delphi is also a language with a very logical structure.

However, at some point, as you soon learn, the ease of using the other languages changes, because most of the "real-life" problems are easier to solve in Java than in Python and Delphi.


2. Free libraries and frameworks for all purposes


You can find a wide range of free and open source Java libraries and frameworks for every purpose to design websites and applications in the most efficient way possible.  

The advantage of having many existing libraries and frameworks in Java is that if you are faced with a difficult task as a programmer, a ready-made Java library can help you solve it quickly.

Be proactive and read the documentations of open source libraries and frameworks. Ask questions on popular programming forums like JavaRush to address problems that applications need to solve and to learn about business-friendly licenses for Java libraries and frameworks.

If you are new to programming, enroll for a Java programming course at places like Lantern Institute to learn the basics of Java. You’ll then understand the basics of Java and how best to implement it.


3. Impressive multiplatform capabilities


It is often said about Java, "Write once, works everywhere." What this means is that Java programs can run on most computers, including those running Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, and Windows

You don’t usually face troubles while working on a Java application on computers with different operating systems. You just need to install two Java virtual machines for those operating systems.

You may not be able to launch a “heavy” enterprise application on an ancient or antediluvian mobile phone. However, even the most antediluvian phone also has a Java virtual machine. This simplifies web development and design work to a great extent for Java programmers.

In other words, with Java everything is an object, and you will learn the concepts of inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, and polymorphism at their best with this programming language.


4. Excellent multithreading implementation


Multithreading in Java is a process of executing multiple lightweight sub-processes (threads) simultaneously in order to execute two or more parts of a program and maximize use of the CPU time. Multithreading in java also works with blocking operations and graphical interfaces.

So, when there is an opportunity to implement parallel processing of information, Java bestows the broadest multithreading capabilities, ranging from simple synchronization and stopping or restoring methods to specialized classes.

Overall, multithreading can be a very difficult feature to implement for novice programmers. But, Java has everything to work with it for this purpose in a more convenient manner.


5. Timely core Java updates


Currently, the 9th version of Java is in the market. Industry trends indicate it will not take long for the 10 and 11 version to hit the market, too.

These days, Java updates and enhancements are released every 6 months or so, adding new, interesting and useful features to the programming language. However, developers don’t need to change the code globally each time when a new version of Java is released. Java has the backward compatibility principle which states that all earlier versions are compatible with subsequent ones.

So, you can use any version of Java in website design and development. Java training courses are a great boon for creatives who want to learn different Java versions and become better programmers.  


6. Attractive salaries


As previously mentioned, salary compensation for Java programmers and developers is quite attractive. The salary offers, however, directly depend on your experience and knowledge.

If you have a good knowledge of Java, lots of companies will hire you in one swoop when you contact them for a job. So, keep improving your Java knowledge to enter the job market with necessary skills and earn decent income every month through a full-time job or freelance work.   

It’s also advisable to monitor the pay trends of various development and programming languages. Sometimes, the wages offered to programmers in the labor market varies significantly. If you are an ambitious programmer, it can help to always be on the lookout for jobs with better pay.   


7. Awesome accessibility utilities


Java programmers have tools and techniques available that enable them to develop applications and software that support accessibility to persons with disabilities, most notably Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) and Sun's Java Accessibility API (Application Program Interface).  

This means you can create apps and software in Java that are compatible with assistive technologies like speech recognition systems, screen readers, and refreshable braille displays.  

Java enables you to create software that truly makes a difference in people’s lives, including those people living with disabilities.


Final Words


Java, a general-purpose programming language, helps you apply your creativity and easily create highly functional and interactive websites and applications. In fact, Java is the most common tool with which web-based training interfaces and chat interfaces are developed.

You will be pleased to know also that Java programming tools are mostly available absolutely free. Apart from Java Development Kit, you can also use Eclipse – a free-distributed development environment that has broad functionality and a decent quality level with preference.

All creatives and aspiring programmers should start with Java to become professional coders and programmers. Java can lead to a most rewarding career in web and software development.

Consider Java online courses to learn more about Java and polish your skills.

Junaith Petersen is a writer associated with Lantern Institute, which provides Java Programming Course Toronto. She holds a Master’s Degree in data science engineering & Mathematics.