SalamAir Delivers First A321neo Aircraft to Oman, Middle East Market

SalamAir value-for-money airline has delivered its first A321neo aircraft developed by Airbus to Oman, marking another step towards meeting the needs of international, regional, and domestic passengers.

SalamAir Delivers First A321neo Aircraft to Oman, Middle East Market

To cater to its ever-expanding network, SalamAir, Sultanate’s fastest-growing value-for-money airline, has taken delivery of its first A321neo aircraft.

The efficient A321neo delivers high levels of passenger comfort while expanding seating capacity through optimized use of cabin space.

The A321neo will complement SalamAir's fleet of six A320neo.

With the induction of the A321neo, SalamAir has become the first airline in the country to introduce the aircraft to its fleet. The aircraft's extra range capability of eight hours meets the ambitious plans of the airline.

SalamAir, which was awarded the Youngest Fleet in Asia by Youngest Fleet in Asia 2021 – ch-aviation, can now connect Muscat and Salalah further to Europe, Far East, and African new destinations.

The new fleet mix will enable SalamAir to diversify its portfolio and support the Sultanate of Oman's tourism industry vision.

Masirah, the name of the new aircraft, offers a new “all inclusive” fare class. The premium class cabin is a response to the passengers’ desire of having bundled inclusive services that cater to their travel needs.

The seating capacity of the new aircraft will be 212 seats equipped with USB ports, HEPA air filtration system and leather seats. The next generation A321 aircraft developed by Airbus has a new engine option (NEO).

To elevate the passenger experience, it offers additional seating capacity while allowing augmented use of cabin space. A redesigned cabin door configuration and supplementary exit limits lifts the comfort quotient of the aircraft.


Captain Mohamed Ahmed, CEO of SalamAir, said:


"We are pleased to introduce the newest A321neo aircraft into our fleet as we continue to expand our network. The induction of the A321neo aircraft marks another step towards meeting the needs of international, regional, and domestic passengers in the perpetually growing aviation market.


The employment of this aircraft to our fleet with its additional range and extra 32 seats to our existing A320neo will support the growth plans of our airline's network. We are honoured to supplement our airline's fleet with a new aircraft that offers lower operating costs, superior eco commitment and greater comfort for our passengers."


He added,


"We are also delighted that SalamAir is well-positioned to be part of and help accelerate Oman's air travel growth and Vison Oman 2040, contributing to the growth of the country is one of the main goals of our company."


Mikail Houari, President, Airbus Africa and Middle East said:


“We are proud of our partnership with SalamAir. The A321neo is a state-of-the-art aircraft that will help expand the airline’s network whilst bringing significant savings to the airline and optimum Passenger comfort. 


“We look forward to celebrating many more successes and milestones together for years to come."


Meeting Demand for Affordable Travel


SalamAir meets the nation's growing demand for affordable travel options and aims to generate further opportunities for employment and business creation in various Oman sectors.

In a short span, SalamAir has achieved growth in its operations and has expanded its reach across the region serving customers across a cross-section of society.

SalamAir flights are now open for sale through, its call centres, and appointed travel agents. All operations are subject to strict adherence to the travel mandate issued by the civil aviation authorities and other COVID-19 related guidelines issued by respective authorities.

With an intention to enhance the overall user experience for travellers during the last few months, SalamAir has been engaged in improving its online check-in, website, booking engine and travel agent portals.

The airline has also been involved in additional training of ground operations and handling in addition to cross-functional training aspects to boost productivity and readiness. Showcasing safety as its first priority, SalamAir has put in place a stringent set of measures to ensure a high-quality sanitation process.

Its new fleet is being used right now, which has leather seats that are non-porous and easy to disinfect. In addition, every surface in the aircraft is disinfected using approved cleaning agents, be it the doors, windows, seats, foldable tables, baggage cabins, or seat hand rests.