10 Ideas to Get Profitable Engagement on Android Apps

When it comes to boosting engagement on Android apps, there is no shortage of ideas you can use.



A user searching Google Play store for Android Apps for Tablet. Photo: Intel Free Press/Flickr

With the advent of technology, apps are providing enhanced user experience to customers. The innovations in the world of both Android apps and iOS apps, for example, have taken the experience of shopping on mobile devices to the next level.

Moreover, the implementation of React-Native framework for building apps has given a real boost to the development of native iOS and Android applications. Furthermore, the advent of push notifications in the form of React Native push notifications, which enable push notifications for both iOS and Android, has made it even more easy to engage customers.

But when it comes to customer engagement, profit often plays a crucial part of it all. When you are in business and you have a great business app, it is of no use to simply engage customers on your app when you are not able to draw some form of business benefit or profit from it.

To help you improve engagement and at the same time reap real business benefits from it, you’ll need to be more strategic to ensure your effort is not all for nothing.


Best Ways to Boost Engagement on Android Apps


Here are some top ways and creative ideas proven to be most effective that you can use right away to get profitable engagements on Android apps in 2020 and beyond:


1. Implement Push Notifications


When it comes to profitable engagements on Android Apps, is there any other option that fits better than Push notifications? Arguably, the answer is no.

Android push notifications and React Native push notifications provide you an immense opportunity to draw increased engagement and profits. Their ability to reach customers instantly anywhere in the world gives you power to engage customers anytime you want.

Moreover, you can use segmentation and personalization to target the right users for increased engagement. This further increases the possibility for more sales.


2. Leverage Social Media Smartly


With more than 3.8 billion active social media users worldwide, you have to use social media as an engagement tool. You can reach customers effectively on social media and motivate them to engage on your app, and even earn free advocates for your app from your funs and followers on social media.

Moreover, people look forward to an immediate solution these days. If they want something, they want to get it as early as possible. By using social media you can present them with solutions fast. This helps you to establish trust in their mind. As a result, you will get more sales. So, be sure to also use various social media links within your Android app.


3. Draw them in with Free Trials


Who doesn’t like free test drives? It is an effective technique to give your customer a feeling of joy and happiness in advance that they are going to get after buying your product.

You can use the same strategy to impress your customers and boost your app engagement by giving them free trials to your offering for a limited period of time.

Once the trial period is over, it is easy to motivate a customer to go for a paid upgrade.


4. Win their Business with Discounts and Giveaways


Another effective idea to get profitable engagement on the Android app is to go for discounts and giveaways. This technique not only helps you to engage existing customers, but it also helps to attract new customers as well.

You can go one step ahead and use personalization to target potential customers. This gives your customers a chance to grab discounted products and services. Indirectly, it also brings future sales to your platform.


5. Get their Feedback to Keep Improving


It is always a good idea to make your customer feel valued—like their views mater. Ask your customers for honest feedback with a view to act on it to improve your app and business offerings. This will ultimately earn you a chance to work on your shortcomings.

It will also give your customers, a good user experience. It will let them know that they are special and are taken care of. As a result, you will get more customers engaged in your app.


6. Re-engage them with In-App Messages


When you are looking forward to engaging customers on your Android apps. In-app messages come in very handy.

In-app messages for version upgrades, app issues, etc keep the user informed. Thus, chances are higher they spent some time on your app to see and experience changes.

Moreover, you can send personalized and tailored in-app sales messages with links to your landing page to convert those engagements into sales.


7. Enhance Customer Support with Live Chat


Sometimes when customers visit your platform they are burdened by various concerns, doubts and questions. You can give them instant customer support to ease their worries and queries instantly and conveniently with live chat.

This will let them understand things and clear their doubts. As a result, they love your responsiveness and want to visit your app as they will feel safe to engage on your platform. That in turn will effectively boost your app conversion rates.


8. Appreciate them with Point Incentives and Rewards


One of the efficient ideas to engage customers in your app is to offer rewards or points-based incentives. Rewards can come in many forms like cash, gift cards or points.

Offer them points or rewards each and every time they shop with you or use your services. They can use collected points during future engagements on your apps for special offers.

This motivates customers to visit your platform often, both for earning new points/rewards and to utilize the previously earned points.


9. Make it Fun with Live Games and Other Online Activities


Introducing this feature gives an enormous opportunity to engage customers on your platform. It gives your user a new experience each time they visit your app.

You can invite customers to play games with other customers. This helps to create a community and, as a result, you get more customer engagement and sales.


10. Maintain High Standards with Your Presentation


Suppose you take the same favourite dish in a street side restaurant each day. At some point, you’ll want a change and prefer the dish from a different restaurant that’s offering a different presentation of your favourite meal, even if it will be at double the price.

This is the power of presentation—the same meal (or other offering) can cost double the price merely because it is presented differently and in a more appealing manner.

Apply the same phenomena on your app to attract customers and grow your profits. All you need to do is to make sure you present your products and services in the most distinctive and attractive way possible to attract, engage and retain more customers.




When it comes to profitable engagement ideas for Android apps, there is no shortage of them. Start with these 10 proven ideas to really boost engagement and grow your sales and profits.

Bruno Bourdmone is a Business Development Director at WondePush.com. He is a dynamic leader with 16 years of digital experience in the creation, development, and management of a wide range of eCommerce business.