How to Choose Flowers for Corporate Gifting

The right corporate flower gifts are wonderful gestures that are practical and can also lift anyone’s mood.

Orange blooming marigolds in hand of person. Photo: Pexels.

Corporate gifting during special occasions and holidays is a common practice that entails sending a thoughtful gift from your business to a client, vendor, prospect, or even employees. While many sorts of gifts can be sent, one of the most popular option is flowers.

With corporate gifts, you can schedule flower delivery or even deliver flowers yourself to the recipient. The right flowers are wonderful gestures that can be used to spruce up a common area, personalize a workspace, or even take home to enhance the look and feel of a home.

However, not all flowers are appropriate to send as gifts in all occasions, especially if it is a corporate gift item. In this guide, we’ll take you through some tips and best practices on how to choose the right flowers when sending them as a corporate gift.


Tips for Choosing Flowers as a Corporate Gift




Here are key things to consider when choosing flowers as a corporate gift:


1. Consider the Meaning of the Flowers


Different types of flowers may represent different things and have different meanings. You need to determine the meaning of each flower before using it for corporate gifting.

Some flowers have a hidden meaning that can dictate when and where they are appropriate to be given. For example, a red rose often signifies romance or love, while a white rose often signifies innocence and purity.

If you send the wrong flower to the wrong person or in the wrong situation, it can be quite awkward and pass an unintended message to the recipient.


2. Know the Occasion or Reason for the Flowers


The occasion and reason for sending flowers is another important factor to consider. Some flowers are perfect for certain types of events but could be inappropriate or even offensive in others.

For example, if it is a sombre or sad occasion that you want to offer your sympathies with flowers, more neutral or pale flowers might be a better choice than bright and colorful ones. Bright and colorful flowers are often reserved for happy and cheerful ocassions.

Context matters, so always make sure to choose flowers that fit the situation at hand.


3. Be Aware of Any Allergies


Some people have allergic reactions to flowers, with some types of flowers being notorious and known for the worst allergies, such as asters, dahlias, daisies, and chrysanthemums.

Make sure the person or group that will be receiving your flower gifts aren’t allergic to the flowers. The last thing you want to do is make a client, prospect, or employee sick.

Always err on the side of caution when sending flower gifts. Check if anyone in the office or household is allergic to flowers before sending a bouquet to them.


4.  Think of the Recipient’s Preferences


When sending flowers as gifts, it’s best to send flowers that the recipient loves. This is especially true if they are a prospect, client, or vendor that you are trying to impress.

Many people have favorite flowers, and receiving blooms you absolutely love can be a wonderful treat. Find out the preferences of the recipient, or at least the colors and scents they love. If you’re not sure what their favorite flowers are, don’t hesitate to ask.

Most people will be happy to receive any type of flower as a gift, and you can be sure it will put a smile on their faces—it’s the thought that counts. But check if the recipient is allergic to the flowers that you choose and the flowers you send aren’t inappropriate for the occasion.

In most cases, it’s safe to include most types of flowers in a corporate gift bouquet or arrangement, even though some flowers are more popular than others.


Best Flowers to Consider for Corporate Gifts


Some of the most popular flowers that can be sent as a corporate gift include:


1. Orchids



Coming in a wide range of colors that range from white to red and purple, the orchid is a beautiful flower to consider as a gift.

Orchids are very elegant and look absolutely stunning on a desk or table. With proper care, these flowers can last and look great for months.

Because orchids symbolize positive aspects like thoughtfulness, charm, and refinement, they are a great choice to show appreciation to people.

Orchids also symbolize strength, beauty, and fertility so are great to send as a gift to people who have gotten through a difficult challenge.


2. Tulips


If you want to go the classic route, consider including tulips in the flowers you send as corporate gifts. Tulips come in a variety of different colors and look absolutely beautiful.

These flowers are versatile enough to be displayed just about anywhere and are both affordable and easy to find. 

Tulips symbolize new beginnings and also can mean perfection. As a result, they can be sent to praise people for a job well done, or simply given at the beginning of new partnerships or working relationships.


3. Carnations



Carnations are another popular choice when sending corporate flower gifts. They tick off many boxes, such as being beautiful, affordable, and easy to find.

Another great thing about carnations is that they are quite long-lasting when compared to many other kinds of flowers. The sheer variety of color that carnations come in also means that you are sure to find the right carnation for anyone and any occasion.

These blooms signify respect, so they are generally a perfect choice for a variety of occasions and for people from all walks of life.


4. Marigolds


Few blooms are more happy and cheerful than marigolds. Their round shape flowers, full foliage, and bright colors instantly put a smile on your face.

Marigolds come in vibrant orange, yellow, and red colors, and have a strong fragrance that repels mosquitoes and other pests. They thrive in full sunshine and can often withstand very hot summers.

In addition to signifying cheer, these flowers also represent power, loyalty, and strength, so they can be the right choice to send to different people for many occasions.

We hope that this guide helps you choose the right flowers for giving corporate gifts.