Brits Want Govn’t to Invest in More Renewable Energy Sources [Survey]

Experts have revealed survey data showing a whopping 78% of the UK public want the government to invest in more renewable energy sources.


With a UK general election approaching on July 4th, The Eco Experts have revealed what the UK public is likely to want from green policy manifestos

Data from The Eco Experts’ National Home Energy Survey revealed that 78% of surveyed UK adults want the government to invest in more renewable energy sources


Key study findings:

  • 78% of UK public want the government to invest in more renewable energy sources
  • One third want more government investment in wind power
  • One quarter want more government investment in solar power

Events such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the increased demand for energy after the pandemic, has likely contributed to the demand for greater government investment in renewable energy.


The demand for wind power


Wind power is the most popular form of renewable energy respondents want the government to invest in, with one third of respondents wanting investment in wind power.

Additionally, one quarter of the people surveyed want more investment in solar power. This demand for renewable energy sources could also be due to the fact that fossil fuels are unreliable and subject to wild price increases for reasons out of public control.


Regional differences


The Eco Experts’ survey of 2,134 UK adults also highlighted a regional difference in people wanting more government investment in fossil fuels. 

15% of people in the North East want more money put into North Sea gas, compared to just 5% of people in the South East.

It could be likely that people in the North East view greater investment in North Sea gas as an opportunity for more jobs.

However, all regions of the UK had between 70% and 80% support for renewable energy, making it clear that the majority of respondents want the UK government to shift to greener ways of heating and powering the country.

The Eco Experts’ Senior Writer Tamara Birch, comments:

“Last year's National Home Energy Survey found that 78% of UK adults want the government to invest in more renewable energy sources.

Surprisingly, wind power was found to be the most-popular area where people wanted the government to invest.”


Renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuels


According to The Eco Experts,  renewable energy is cheaper than new and existing fossil fuels plants, and is set to get even more affordable.

As renewable energy continues to get cheaper year-on-year, fossil fuels are getting more expensive.

The price of fuel, for example, has jumped in the past three years – which is due, in part, to the rise of wholesale price and the war in Ukraine.

“The upcoming General Election provides a huge opportunity for the main parties to review their environmental and renewable energy policies to reduce our energy bills and strengthen the UK's energy security in the long term, while helping the UK to meet its net zero emissions targets,” said Tamara Birch.