The Best Flowers for Different Occasions

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Whether it’s a wedding or a funeral, the right flowers can be very meaningful. Make sure you choose the right flowers that are appropriate for the occasion.

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Is there anyone who doesn’t like flowers? 

Giving someone flowers is one of the easiest ways to make their day. The majority of people love flowers and consider them as beautiful gifts and thoughtful additions for any occasion.

Be it a birthday, office party, family get-together, anniversary celebration, or anything else, flowers are common and appreciated. They can be like cherry on a cake for any occasion.

However, picking the right type of flowers for a specific occasion from the wide range of options that exist can be daunting.

Most of the time we resort to researching online to find the right flowers for our occasions.


Tips to Choose the Right Flowers for Occasions


Generally, bright colored flowers are presented on happy occasions and events where you need to show joy, appreciation, and encouragement. Besides that, flowers like daffodils, daisies, lilies, and roses can be used as symbols of peace and love.

To help you find the right flowers for different occasions, we’ve listed some major celebrations and the best blooms you can choose for each of them. Here are some of the best flowers you can pick for decorations or gifts at different occasions:


1. Father’s Day and Mother’s Day


Flowers are wonderful gifts you can give to parents. There is no specific day to celebrate love for parents, but you can appreciate them and make them feel special with a beautiful card infused with a heart-warming message and accompanied by a flower bouquet.

Flowers like daffodils, tulips, roses, and sunflowers make for wonderful gifts for parent’s day.


2. Birthdays


Purchasing a bouquet of flowers as a birthday gift is also always a beautiful and welcome gesture. The usual route is to go for pink flowers for girls and blue flowers for boys.

You normally can’t go wrong with carry carnations, orchids, roses, and daisies as gifts for birthdays for both male and female loved ones.

Pink carnation is a symbol of gratitude, while jasmine depicts grace and elegance. It’s up to you, what message you want to relay as a birthday gift.


3. Hospital Visit


Nobody wants to end up in hospital, but it happens sometimes. Everyone who finds themselves hospitalized longs for support and love from family and friends to beat their illness.

Most hospital rooms have an empty vase that you can fill with lovely flowers to show a loved one in hospital love and support. Fill that hospital vase with beautiful blooms to show you care.

White lilies or carnations are a great option in this case. Orchids can also cheer your loved one in hospital and give them more hope.

In America, chrysanthemum is also often used as an expression of support or an encouragement to “get well soon.


4. Weddings


Weddings are special events filled with joy, happiness, and friendship. Whether it’s a modern-style wedding or an old-school traditional wedding, a bouquet of flowers will never fail to add more color and express your sincere gesture of love toward the couple.

Modern-themed weddings have a trend of incorporating bright-colored flowers. Thus, you can opt for some daring blue tulips, daisies, or orchids.

Roses are also a wonderful choice for both traditional and modern-themed weddings. These have long been considered a symbol of love and beauty.

Other flower options commonly used in weddings are anemones, ranunculuses, and peony. Peony, possibly the most popular wedding flowers, represent happy marriage, happy life, good health and prosperity – all perfect ways to start a marriage.


5. Funeral


Funerals are the saddest occasions we can attend, particularly if the deceased person is a close friend or family member. Nonetheless, flowers can be consoling in this difficult time, representing enduring love, purity, sincerity, loss, and hope at funerals.  

Flowers can be symbolic and very meaningful when saying goodbye to your loved one for the last time. They are a beautiful way to demonstrate fond memories and bid farewell to the person who has passed on.

White roses, orchids, gladioli, and carnations are some flowers that go well for such a mournful event. The carnation symbolizes signify deep sorrow, eternal grief, sadness, love, and loyalty. This flower has long been the flower of mourning.

White lilies represent peace, innocence, and purity and can also be used as condolence flowers to send your sympathies and prayers for the deceased one.

In many European countries, the chrysanthemum is also often placed on graves and viewed as a symbol of death and respect.

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